Political commentator claims Nigel Farage's decision will be 'HUGE blow' to Reform - 'Golden opportunity!'

Political commentator claims Nigel Farage's decision will be 'HUGE blow' to Reform - 'Golden opportunity!'

Political commentator claims Nigel Farage's decision will be 'HUGE blow' to Reform

GB News
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 23/05/2024

- 18:54

Nigel Farage revealed that he will not be standing as an MP for Reform UK earlier today

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Political commentator Emma Webb has said that Nigel Farage's decision will be a "huge blow" for Reform UK after he has confirmed he will not stand as a candidate in the general election.

Putting out a statement on social media, Farage said he is "fully supportive of Richard Tice's leadership" but he said it is "not the right time" for him to go "any further than that".

Explaining his reasoning for declining to stand as a candidate, Farage said he instead intends to help with the election campaign in the US.

Speaking on GB News, Webb said: "He's been the most successful politician of a generation without ever having held the office of a member of Parliament.

Nigel Farage, Emma Webb

​Emma Webb said that some people think he has missed a golden opportunity 

GB News

"I think he's right that there is global significance to the election in the United States. So I don't think it's particularly surprising.

"Of course, it's a huge blow to the Reform Party. It does make it slightly more likely that the Conservative Party will be able to achieve a hung parliament.


"It's good news for Rishi Sunak. But I think it's a perfectly understandable decision from Nigel's point of view."

She later added: "Certainly, I think there are a lot of people who will feel that this was the golden opportunity and that the moment had finally arrived.

"But ultimately, Reform are not going to win the next general election."

Responding to his Nigel Farage's decision, a Tory spokesperson said: “It doesn’t matter who Reform have standing all it does is make a big Labour majority more likely.

Emma Webb, Martin Daubney, Matthew Stadlen

Farage revealed that he won't stand in the election

GB News

“Keir Starmer wants you to vote for Reform, because he knows it will divide the Conservative vote. A vote for Reform means a Labour government with higher taxes, an amnesty for illegal immigration and betrayal on the EU.”

Farage last night said that he will consider his election plans overnight, saying he had made "no commitment" either way.

The former Brexit Party leader said that the election could be "the end of the Conservative Party".

Farage told GB News: "Richard Tice has got [Reform] up and running and there are 500 candidates selected and he will get more.


Rishi Sunak announced a general election on July 4


"The whole plan for Reform was it was a six-year plan. Fight this election and get ready for when Labour fail. Starmer's first cabinet will not have the confidence that Tony Blair's first had by an absolute mile.

"As for what I do, I will think about it overnight...no commitment from me either way."

Giving a statement from Downing Street yesterday, Sunak called a general election for July 4, saying "now is the moment for Britain to choose its future".

Addressing the nation in the pouring rain, the Prime Minister vowed he has “never and will never leave the people of this country to face the darkest of days alone”.

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