Lefty ‘snowflakes’ furious at Mordaunt over plans to bring back national service

Penny Mordaunt with red binder
Penny Mordaunt has backed proposals which would aim to tackle the UK's growing 'youth crisis'
Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 31/08/2023

- 12:47

Updated: 31/08/2023

- 14:09

A row has erupted after Mordaunt backed fresh plans this morning

Lefty snowflakes have erupted in fury over Penny Mordaunt’s plans to reintroduce national service in England.

Users on social media reacted with disgust and anger at the proposals put forward by centre-right think tank Onward and backed by the leader of the House of Commons.

According to the think tank reintroducing national service, which ended in the 1960s, could be a factor in helping tackle the UK’s “growing youth crisis”.

Despite Onward’s proposals suggesting that 16-year-olds will be automatically enrolled into national service with the chance to opt-out, Mordaunt backs a softer approach which would encourage an optional rather than mandated service.

Penny MordauntPenny Mordaunt has backed plans to reintroduce National ServicePA

“Onward recognises that Government should have an interest in this,” she wrote in the Telegraph.

“However, I believe this should be in convening and enabling citizens.

“A new national service scheme should be optional, not mandated.

“The more Government intervenes, the less scope there is for enterprise, social and commercial. The more Government compels a behaviour, the less likely it is to be sustainable. The volunteer – armed and engineered with personal responsibility, enterprise and initiative – is one of the most powerful agents on Earth.

“They harness the most natural instinct we have.”

In response to the plans, lefty snowflakes took to social media to vent their fury.

One wrote: “According to Penny Mordaunt: ‘Young people crave the purpose and responsibility National Service can provide’

“They're more likely to crave a roof over their heads, well-paying jobs, and the opportunities that have been wrenched away from them by Brexit.”

Another user added: “You know they're getting desperate when the Government are doing ‘bring back national service!’ c*****y. Newsflash: the puce-faced rant-dads who agree with you on that are already voting for you.”

A third wrote: “Penny Mordaunt of course never did national service and how much she really did as a naval reservist has never been clearly explained (which tells you a lot). Absolute joker.”

One more wrote: “Why is it those who have never done any national service keep wanting to force it on the next generations?”

A fifth said: “Seriously, what young people are these Tories talking to? Do any of them (not just Tories but many politicians) even speak to their constituents any more?”

Another added: “Anyone supporting National Service should be first to do it. Grab that opportunity denied them by its abolition.

“They can give up education/work/ family/ friends and live communally while being shouted at by inadequates and taught to do pointless things for a couple of years.”

However, an abundance of social media users backed the scheme, believing it would help give direction to the nation’s youth.

One supportive user wrote: “Bringing back national service is the best thing that could happen to this country.”

Another wrote: “Yes. 2 years National Service provides discipline and work ethic.”

A third said: “Young people crave the purpose and responsibility National Service can provide.

“A youth volunteering force based on principles of civic pride and community is an old idea ripe for reinvention!”

One more said: “National Service would be a wonderful idea but sadly the woke of today couldn't cope with the discipline that is required.”

Another added: “About time. We’ve needed this back in this country for years.”

A sixth said: “National service will turn boys into men and stop knife crime at a stroke and help to make OUR country safer and also stop us becoming a nation of whimps.”

Polling commissioned by Onward shows as many as 57 per cent of Britons support national services while just 19 per cent oppose it.

It also found a majority of people would oppose a mandatory scheme.

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