Labour MP makes embarrassing blunder after agreeing with himself on social media

Labour MP Jon Trickett appears to agree with himself in a tweet

Labour MP Jon Trickett appears to agree with himself in a tweet

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Carl Bennett

By Carl Bennett

Published: 10/03/2023

- 16:32

The now-deleted tweet appeared to show the MP agreeing with himself

A Labour MP has appeared to have been caught out on social media – after sending a tweet in which he praised himself in the third person.

Jon Trickett, the MP for Hemsworth in West Yorkshire, had originally tweeted his frustration with a delay to the HS2 rail project.

In his tweet, Trickett said: “Predictable that they’d stop building #HS2 at Birmingham.

“While ever wealth and power located in a couple of square miles in London, we will not have justice.”

Labour MP J on Trickett

Labour MP Jon Trickett appears to agree with himself in a tweet


He ended his post with #FreetheNorth.

But in what appears to be an embarrassing blunder, Jon’s account then quote retweets his message in support of his post – but written from another person’s perspective.

The now-deleted post read: “Couldn’t agree more Jon.

“I live with #HS2 mess in Hillingdon/Chilterns all around. Live with its environmental degredation (sic) of habitats.”

An engineer in a HS2 hi-vis jacket

HS2 has faced further delays


It continued: “I’ve supported it for the good jobs and what it’ll do for the north and freeing up of rail lines. Now wot? (sic)”

The tweet also ended with the hashtag “free the north.”

Trickett, who has been a Labour MP since 1996, has been a vocal critic of the high-speed rail project.

Part of the HS2 route would go through Trickett’s constituency, and he has previously expressed his concerns.

Labour MP Jon Trickett appears to agree with himself in a tweet

Trickett appeared to quote retweet himself, writing from another perspective


In a blog post shared in 2021, Trickett wrote: “People in my area have been some of the loudest voices in the campaign against HS2. I am proud that they have stood up for our community, to protect peoples’ homes, local businesses and our beautiful wildlife.

“But right from the beginning of this process their voices have been ignored.

“My constituents are not opposed to new infrastructure in our area. Our region desperately needs targeted infrastructure spending to increase local connectivity.

“But HS2 goes about this in the wrong way. It is infrastructure designed to benefit people working in London, with people in the North having to deal with the consequences.

A view of construction work for HS2

The HS2 project is facing further delays


“The route through my constituency will hit hundreds of households but will not benefit them in any way because the closest HS2 station will be in Leeds.”

The office for the Labour MP have been approached for a comment.

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