Eco-warriors boast holding meetings with top Labour MPs after causing chaos

Green New Deal Rising

Green New Deal Rising have secured talks with Wes Streeting and another back bencher

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 16/08/2023

- 14:06

Updated: 16/08/2023

- 14:07

The eco-group believe they secured the talks after their protest at a Labour event last month

Eco activists who caused chaos last month when they interrupted Sir Keir Starmer during a speech have revealed that it won them talks with top Labour MPs.

The group, Green New Deal Rising, said it held discussions with shadow secretary Wes Streeting and another frontbencher in the aftermath of the protest.

Fatima Ibrahim, the group’s co-founder, said that they secured the meetings “off the back of” their protest during Starmer’s speech.

“We did have a meeting with Wes Streeting and one of the senior shadow cabinet ministers soon after that challenge,” she told Times Radio yesterday.

Green New Deal Rising interrupting

The group stormed the stage and interrupted Starmer's speech about education reforms


“He was very receptive.”

Green New Deal Rising gate-crashed a speech Starmer was giving about educational reforms, on July 6.

The protestors unfurled a hidden banner and were heard demanding a “green new deal”.

Despite the embarrassment the protest caused the party leader, top Labour MPs are now willing to engage in multiple meetings with them.

Ibrahim felt that the shadow secretary was taking their pleas seriously.

She said: “One of the things he communicated to us is that they are really serious about their climate plans and that no final decision had been made on some of our points around wealth tax, around green jobs and a national nature service, and ensuring that polluters pay for our transition.

“And we’re looking to have more meetings.”

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps accused the party of “dancing to the tune of eco zealots”.

Grant Shapps

Grant Shapps has slammed Labour for meeting with the eco-warrior group


He added: “First, Labour let Just Stop Oil write their energy surrender plan, now they're holding meetings with yet another group of radical environmentalists.

“Labour should stop taking orders from protesters, and start listening to the public.”

This comes after Starmer had previously denied Labour links with the eco groups.

The Labour leader called claims that his MP aide offered to meet with Just Stop Oil as “nonsense”.

GB News has contacted Labour for a comment.

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