Boris Johnson return hinted by Michael Gove to 'save Britain from Starmer nightmare'

Michael Gove /Boris Johnson

Michael Gove has hinted that Boris Johnson could make a comeback during the Conservative election campaign

Millie Cooke

By Millie Cooke

Published: 01/03/2024

- 13:48

Updated: 01/03/2024

- 14:23

The Levelling Up Secretary said the former Prime Minister is a 'great campaigner'

Michael Gove has hinted that Boris Johnson could make a comeback during the Conservative Party's general election campaign, calling for the whole "Conservative family" to "come together" to save the country from the "nightmare of a Starmer premiership".

He claimed that the Labour leader "cannot be relied upon to stand up for this country".

Asked if he would like to see Johnson come back and campaign with the party ahead of this year's general election, Gove told GB News: "Well the first thing is, yes I absolutely believe - I've been involved in campaigns in the past where we started out in the low twenties but we ended up getting 52 per cent of the vote.

"I was one of the people involved in the Brexit campaign. Campaigns can change people's minds and you can win even when it appears at the start of the campaign, you're pretty far behind.

Boris Johnson

The Levelling Up Secretary said the former Prime Minister is a 'great campaigner'


"And talking of that that Brexit campaign - Boris played a big part in that. Boris is a great campaigner.

"What I would like to see is the whole Conservative family come together to ensure that this whole country doesn't face the nightmare of a Starmer premiership.

"As the Prime Minister pointed out this week, Starmer is spineless, shameless, he cannot be relied upon to stand up for this country, either against extremist intimidation or in an increasingly competitive world."

The Tories are currently battling disastrous polling, sitting around 20 points behind Starmer's Labour Party.

Speaking to GB News at the Convention of the North, Gove was asked if the Conservative Party had "let down voters" on the party's promise to "level up the country".

The Levelling Up Secretary responded: "I don't believe so. I know that GB News is particularly popular in the North of England and you've got a great viewership there, many of whom are concerned that we do not have their interests at heart.

"Let me assure you, our announcements today are real investments making a difference in communities in the North, improving transport for people in Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire."

Gove announced today that the party would hand £90 million of Government cash to Blackpool, which will be injected into a whole-scale transformation of poor-quality housing in the town.

Giving a speech at the Convention of the North, the Levelling Up Secretary said: "Today is the day the North truly takes back control. Today, at this Convention, we inaugurate the biggest transfer of power and resources to the North in living memory.

"We all know that power is best exercised by those closest to the people they represent. We all know that the divisions in our society – economic, social, educational – are best bridged by empowering local leaders and local communities to determine the futures of the places where they live and the towns and cities that they love.

"And that is why today – at this Convention of the North – together – we are bringing about a power surge for the North.

"We have already agreed deals – agreed, not imposed or dictated – agreed deals with the mayors of the West Midlands and Greater Manchester to give them greater power over skills, transport and housing so the opportunity to get on, access to the best jobs and a safe, warm, decent home of your own are within reach of many more."


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