Angela Rayner mocked by Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor has Tories in hysterics with 'council flat scandal' swipe

Angela Rayner mocked by Jeremy Hunt as Chancellor has Tories in hysterics with 'council flat scandal' swipe

Jeremy Hunt takes a swipe at Rayner

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 06/03/2024

- 13:59

Rishi Sunak was among those seen enjoying the joke

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt had the Tories in hysterics as he took a swipe at Angela Rayner while presenting his Spring Budget.

Referencing the Labour deputy leader’s “multiple dwellings”, Hunt jibed that Rayner was “paying close attention” as he unveiled his plan to axe multiple dwellings’ relief.

It comes after Rayner rejected accusations of hypocrisy for benefiting from a housing policy developed by Margaret Thatcher that she has since criticised.

Rayner insisted last month she was not “ashamed” to have bought her council house at a discounted rate in 2007 under the late ex-Prime Minister’s right-to-buy scheme.

Jeremy Hunt and Angela Rayner

Jeremy Hunt hit out at Angela Rayner as he unveiled his Budget


As he began to make the announcement, Hunt said: “I see the deputy leader o the Labour Party is playing close attention given her multiple dwellings.”

The Commons erupted with laughter, prompting the Speaker to intervene while Rayner could be seen shouting back at Hunt.


Jeremy Hunt

Hunt has sought to cut taxes for Britons


She appeared to make reference to Hunt’s own housing situation as she angrily attempted to slap down his remark.

“I’m sorry to disappoint her [Rayner]”, he continued.

“Multiple dwellings relief was not actually designed for her.

“It was intended to support investment in the private rental sector.

Jeremy Hunt

Oliver Dowden and Rishi Sunak appeared to enjoy the Chancellor's jibe


“An external evaluation found no strong evidence that it had done so and that it was regularly being abused.

“So I’m going to abolish it.”

Elsewhere in his budget, Hunt said tax cuts would offer “much needed help in challenging times”.

He made a 2p cut in national insurance for workers and the self-employed at the centrepiece of a tax-cutting Budget.

He told MPs: “Because we are delivering the Prime Minister’s economic priorities, we can now help families not just with temporary cost-of- living support but with permanent cuts in taxation.

“We do this to give much needed help in challenging times. But also because Conservatives know lower tax means higher growth.

“And higher growth means more opportunity, more prosperity and more funding for our precious public services.”

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