We must be PROUD to be British! Woke political opportunists are desperate to make us feel otherwise, says Howard Cox

We must be PROUD to be British! Woke political opportunists are desperate to make us feel otherwise, says Howard Cox

Howard Cox, Mark Simpson, and Ben Habib at the Lewisham chippy told to ditch its Union Flag mural

Howard  Cox

By Howard Cox

Published: 28/03/2024

- 16:32

Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuelUK and Reform UK’s London Mayoral candidate tackles cultural divisions head on

There was a time up until recent times when most of us Brits would stand-up and announce ourselves as “British and being bloody proud of it”.

Even the shyest who may desist from making too much of such a confidently overt statement, would amongst friends, colleagues and family ardently associate themselves with being an unabashed proud Brit.

So, why has honoured to be British patriotism, and being English in particular, become so ridiculed in the mainstream media? All we hear and read of now are reports of social division, religious conflict, and racist rhetoric.

There is a foul stench of political opportunism from all parts of the political spectrum that seems to be fuelling division.

Much of which being orchestrated by woke, less than intelligent teachers who simply preach hatred of British culture and its illustrious and magnificent history.

My good friend and Reform UK Deputy Leader, Ben Habib puts this decline in patriotic support succinctly….

“There is no country which gets close to matching the UK in just about any sphere you may care to mention. Our language, literature, scientific advancement, technological inventions, philosophical thought, political and legal systems, military, to name a few have all led the World.

"The World would be a much poorer place in all respects if it were not for the UK. Economically and culturally, our legacy for the World is huge. The union flag embodies all the above and more. I am immensely proud of it, as should we all.”

And read what Mark Simpson, Reform’s London Assembly Candidate for Greenwich & Lewisham, who brought to the world’s media, the absurd decision by Greenwich Council insistence that award winning Chip Shop owner Chris Kanizi must have his Union Jack mural removed from his business premises.

Mark wisely echoes what millions across the UK feel: “The Union flag is iconic across the world and means so much, to so many beyond our shores. Still featuring on the flags of Australia and New Zealand and in Hong Kong has become a symbol for the city’s better days under British leadership. How curious it is that many among our liberal metropolitan elite sneer and belittle those of us that believe in flying our nations flag.

"Those of us, like Chippy Shop owner Chris, that do choose to fly the Union Flag do so because we are proud of our country and proud of our contributions to the world. We should encourage honouring our country and encourage more Brits to fly the Union flag with joy. My customers and visitors love snapping selfies next to this patriotic artwork”

Slamming Greenwich Council's decision to have the mural removed, graffiti artist Curtis said: 'I think it's quite embarrassing when you turn up with a few spray cans and get something done to cheer up people and promote a tax paying business and then the local authority are twiddling their thumbs just to get it taken down.”

We now see England’s new football kit design by Nike is to modify the colour of the traditional St George’s Cross insignia. Located on the back of the shirt collar, the cross is interwoven with several different colours: red, purple, blue and black. With a clueless Nike spokesman saying its: “a playful update to the cross of St. George to unite and inspire.”

This is crass insensitive disrespectful commercialism on gargantuan scale. Money now it seems, talks bigger than the centuries of British pride in our identity. This is more than sick, its tantamount to being criminal. Rishi Sunak should be clamping down on this out and out vandalism to our national individuality, immediately.

Can you ever imagine, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish being prevented from standing in front or playing behind true and accurate representative flags of St Andrew, St David and St Patrick?

But any talking up the UK and in particular Englishness, is met with accusations of being racist, anti-globalist and arrogant.

We Brits tend to wear our Britishness lightly, but it is always there, nonetheless and I amongst millions of British patriots are more than proud to support the Union flag. Those that don’t, I strongly suggest they know exactly what to do. Leave dear old blighty as soon as possible.

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