Spoiled crybabies, Harry and Meghan and their attacks on the monarchy have achieved only one thing – to make it more popular, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan gives his take on how King Charles has 'handled' the Sussexes

Mark Dolan gives his take on how King Charles has 'handled' the Sussexes

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 18/03/2023

- 22:37

Updated: 20/03/2023

- 07:54

'King Charles has handled this pair of privacy-obsessed, attention seekers perfectly. His ultimate weapon? Silence', says Mark Dolan

Spoiled crybabies, Harry and Meghan - and their attacks on the monarchy - have achieved only one thing – to make it more popular.

The polling firm Focaldata, whose latest findings are published in the online newspaper Unherd, say that 55% of the public believe it's a “good thing” that Britain has a monarchy with 30% agreeing strongly, whilst just 18% would prefer a republic.

Whilst there isn't a day goes by that we don’t mourn the passing of our late, great Queen, far from being over the hill, her septuagenarian son, Charles, who has waited decades for the gig, has hit the ground running.

Preparations for a modest, but majestic coronation are in full swing, showing the world everything that's great about this country, but scaling back on profligacy, and over the top and expensive celebrations.

The palace importantly understand that millions of Brits - who want to celebrate the new king - are also struggling to make ends meet. The peoples’ king must be mindful - for every moment of his tenure – of what his people are going through.

Charles must be the Peoples’ King. And he’s started the job with a welcome spring clean of his own family.

First by taking his troublesome brother, Andrew, into hand. Reportedly slashing his annual salary of a quarter of a million big ones and therefore, effectively turfing him out of his £30 million Royal Lodge in Windsor.

And he’s turfed Harry and Meghan – the Ginger Whinger and Woko Moano – out of Frogmore cottage, which had me leaping for joy.

Charles has handled this pair of privacy obsessed, attention seekers perfectly. His ultimate weapon? Silence.

The dignity with which Charles has allowed this couple to hang themselves out to dry is a credit to him, and is straight out of the playbook of his unnaturally dignified mother, the late Queen.

All of the mudslinging, all the washing of dirty laundry in public has come from California, not Windsor. Ignoring this couple, is their Kryptonite and long may it continue.

Charles’ vow of silence and his extraordinarily generous decision to invite the couple to the coronation secures for him, the moral high ground. He's not picking a fight with this couple, because he's not playing their game.

He will give them no ammunition, with which to further cast themselves as the victims. Millionaire “victims”, with ancient Royal titles, rattling around a Californian mansion – you couldn't make it up.

And it's great to see the monarchy so popular. There are some concerns that younger voters are less enthused with the idea of a royal family, but I would suggest that once William and Kate accede to the throne, it will be problem solved.

They will surely be the most photogenic and charismatic royal couple since their grandparents, Elizabeth and Philip?

Now, don't get me wrong, I do find the idea of a monarchy rather odd. But it's like so many great British traditions, it’s bonkers on paper, but it works.

History is the ultimate test, and I would say that for generation after generation, the monarchy has passed this test with flying colours.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t forget, the alternative to a monarchy would be some tedious elected president, probably a clapped out ex-politician or celebrity...

President Tony Blair, President Theresa May or President Gary Lineker. Lord help us.

This positive polling is great news going into the coronation.

Long live the King, and long live the monarchy he serves. It's time for a right royal celebration!

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