Rwanda Bill amendments will DISENTANGLE UK from ECHR constraints, Andrea Jenkyns argues

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns gives her view on the Rwanda Bill and amendments being put forward.

Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns gives her view on the Rwanda Bill and amendments being put forward.

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Andrea Jenkyns

By Andrea Jenkyns

Published: 16/01/2024

- 12:15

Conservative MP Dame Andrea Jenkyns argues in favour of measures being put forward to amend the Rwanda Bill

In the face of escalating illegal immigration levels, the UK stands at a crucial juncture with the Rwanda Bill, offering a golden opportunity to finally secure our borders and address the pressing challenges at hand.

As the one nation left of the party remains out of touch, drafting amendments that align closely with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), it is imperative that we, the champions of a rigorous immigration stance, capitalise on this chance to implement effective measures.

The centre-right of the party are putting forward, following resentment for the Government’s inability to act on stemming illegal immigration, measures to strengthen the Rwanda Bill.

These changes are not just legislative adjustments; they are a strategic move to address the stark reality of illegal immigration and its profound impact on the British taxpayer.

Our commitment to a robust immigration strategy is underscored by the amendments signed, acknowledging the urgency of the situation.

The amendments seek to disentangle the UK from the constraints of the ECHR, signalling a departure from the party’s left misguided attempts to adhere closely to international conventions that often hinder our ability to protect national interests and remove those who are there illegally.

It is now a battle not only for our borders but also for our party and what is right for this country. For too long, the ‘Lib Dems’ of the party and left-leaning lawyers have battled against the Rwanda policy, obstructing the path to a more secure and controlled immigration system.

The time has come for us to stand firm and assert our commitment to protecting our borders and battle against the liberal tides.

The Rwanda Bill represents an opportunity to enact legislation that delivers tangible results, curbing the influx of illegal immigrants and safeguarding our national interests, not allowing the HRA and ECHR to place further burdens on the tax payer and having no way of stemming the illegal immigration we face.

The call for a rigorous stance on illegal immigration is not a recent development; it has been a consistent theme in our efforts.

Earlier in 2023, I launched my petition alongside the Conservative Post which has over 30,000 signatures, advocating for the UK's departure from the ECHR and the establishment of a British Bill of Rights.

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman rightly pointed out that this move should have been initiated at the onset of the Rwanda Policy, emphasising the missed opportunity to shape our destiny independently.

The electorate has reached a tipping point, fed up with witnessing the financial strain on resources and the spectacle of hotels filled with illegal migrants, all at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. The Rwanda Bill, with its amendments, is not just a piece of legislation; it is a response to the people's demands for effective action and accountability.

As we move forward, let us seize this moment to stand united in the face of challenges, acknowledging the need for a tough stance on illegal immigration.

The electorate demands results, so lets back these amendments and strengthen the Rwanda Bill, and deliver the results – to secure our borders, protect our taxpayers, and shape a future where our national interests are paramount.

It is time true Conservative values are put back at the heart of the party and common sense prevails!

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