Whatever his nationality, Harry is on a passport to hell, says Mark Dolan

Whatever his nationality, Harry is on a passport to hell, says Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan says Harry is on a passport to hell

Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 18/02/2024

- 15:48

Harry is the world's least happy millionaire...

Oh no, say it isn't so. Prince Harry, the world's least happy millionaire, has told Good Morning America on the US TV channel ABC that he has considered getting US citizenship.

Now, many people have reacted in horror at this news, considering that to be the final insult to his country of birth, but I'd say it's quite the opposite.

It's refreshingly honest from the King's son, and I think he should go for it with the tell-all books, spare the gossipy podcasts, and that interview with Oprah Winfrey in which he threw his family and his country under the bus.

Prince Harry has already turned his back on the United Kingdom. He's made his bed, and I think it's a tremendous idea that he should lie in it.

America, you are welcome to have him. Now. It's hard to be sure who exactly was behind the original move to the United States in what became known as Megxit, but it wouldn't take a genius to work out that his wife Meghan will have been instrumental.

But sometimes I think that Meghan gets too hard a time and has to carry the can for the actions of her moaning other half.

After all, Prince Harry is a big enough and old enough and ugly enough guy to know the impact that his world privacy tour was going to have on his family, and in particular on his grandmother, the late great Queen Elizabeth, who, whilst alive and battling health issues, had to worry about what his forthcoming book Spare might say about the family and the institution to which she had devoted her life.

It was Harry who torched his relationship with William by revealing intimate personal details about their relationship, including a punch up, and by allowing his lovely wife Catherine to be cast as a less than lovely sister-in-law.

Ultimately it was Harry that left Britain. It was Harry that left his family.

Harry wrote the books, Harry made the TV shows and Harry did the podcasts. The End.

Prince Harry and Prince WilliamPrince Harry is currently feuding with his brother Prince WilliamGetty

Which is why I think it's the perfect solution that Harry becomes an American.

He'd be the biggest British export since The Beatles. Let it be Harry, and let's see how long the Americans will put up with his tired tunes.

Now, to be fair to Harry, he'll be putting his money where his mouth is. There's no clearer message that you've had enough of your country than to change nationality, and no doubt his partner Megan will be punching the air with joy.

With the final Megxit, I cast Harry a US citizen, never to return to his homeland. The transaction completes.

However, I suspect that there is one factor that's keeping Harry and Meghan from making this move and renouncing his UK citizenship, those lovely royal titles.

Because whilst the couple have railed against stifling royal protocol and their terrible treatment at the hands of the royal family, they seem strangely keen on hanging on to the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

And I can think of a few million reasons why it is their meal ticket. If Harry becomes an American citizen, he'll be forced to lose those titles and with them the status, the prestige and the megabucks deals.

Which is why he'll probably be clinging on to that blue British passport of his for the foreseeable future.

So should he stay or should he go? It's all academic at this stage. It's my view that whatever his nationality, sadly Harry is on a passport to hell.

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