Mark Dolan: 'Narrative of masks, lockdowns and school closures is tumbling like a house of cards'

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Mark Dolan

By Mark Dolan

Published: 18/03/2022

- 21:12

Updated: 18/03/2022

- 21:59

'Two words must resonate across the length and breadth of this land: never again'

The cosy Covid consensus is crumbling. The narrative of masks, lockdowns and school closures is tumbling like a house of cards.

The drip drip of doomsday predictions, to which we were subjected has been replaced by a drip drip of stories in which the authorities distance themselves from these measures and more or less admit they got it wrong.

Strap yourselves in for the mother of all climb downs. You've got the lockdown loving White House trying to disown restrictions, in a statement from Biden’s chief spokesperson Jen Psaki, in which she blamed Donald Trump for lockdowns, saying “we have not been pro lockdown”. This is in response to a study suggesting they didn't work. Wow.

By the way, I’d put her in charge of America any time. At least we’d have a president that knew which country Russia had invaded. There is Dr Leana Wenn the chief medical advisor to CNN, another network that campaigned for Covid measures, saying do not wear a cloth mask; that they are facial furniture at best.

We saw the reigning back of advice about sanitising your hands – do you remember the first few weeks of lockdown when our hands were blistered from the endless cleansing? We've seen a climb down in relation to those Perspex screens everywhere, Covid theatre at its worst, but exposed as useless, possibly making things worse.

And soon, and what about the vaccine, which was sold to us as a way out of the pandemic, but which has seen the most vaccinated country in the world, Israel, see some of the highest rates from Covid in two years.

Even Bill Gates admitted last month that Omicron is now a more efficient vaccine than the vaccine itself saying: “sadly, the virus itself, particularly the variant called Omicron, is a type of vaccine.”

Sadly, eh? The cosy Covid consensus is crumbling. It's no exaggeration to say that in time, history will demonstrate that every single measure failed. Boffins at Johns Hopkins University, one of the greatest seats of education on the planet has, in an exhaustive study, reported that 0.2% of lives may have been saved by lockdown.

Which of course begs the question how many people will be damaged and indeed lose their lives from the medicine of lockdowns itself?

Most countries in the world to tried to control the virus, and to varying degrees, take a zero Covid approach.

The best example is Hong Kong, who we were supposed to be so jealous of earlier in the pandemic and now face unprecedented cases of Covid. Why? Because the population were not exposed to the virus early on, so they lack something that was demonised early in the pandemic. Herd immunity. This is the view of NHS doctor Katie Musgrave .

Herd immunity in my view should have been the strategy all along, as proved by Sweden who trusted their people and enjoyed lower covid deaths and lower excess mortality than Germany, France, Italy and the UK and exactly the same excess mortality as their neighbours Denmark, who locked down hard and had mask mandates.

The cozy Covid consensus is crumbling. Tumbling into the gutter faster than the top heavy, party-loving reality star Katie Price. Mark my words - every day there will be a new story about an enormous mistake we made. Today, Nadhim Zahawi said school closures should never have happened.

How we treated children in this pandemic, and the colossal debts that they will now inherit, is for me the greatest scandal of all. That and the horrific cost-of-living crisis. Inflation is set to reach 10%, interest rates will rise further and whilst Rishi Sunak is being implored to help, there's not much he can do about it.

I've always said economic damage will cost far more lives that virus like Covid ever could. This country, already heavily indebted, simply doesn't have the economic firepower with which to help Brits struggling to heat their homes. That's the nightmare we are now in. Biggest I told you so in history.

If the government dishes out public sector pay rises and prints more money to help with fuel bills, that's all well and good, but it will simply fuel inflation further. And before you know where you are, we will be paying for loaves of bread with suitcases of cash. Well done everyone.

So who knew you can't control a seasonal respiratory virus?

South Korea with a very successful zero Covid policy, eh? The journalist Ian Miller points out in this graph, that even with 95% adherence to mask wearing and vaccine passports, they have reported 621,000 new cases.

The policies we’ve seen over the last two years, that we did not vote for, appear to have been wrong on every level.

It's my view, that we would've been far better off if we had literally done nothing. Just give people the information and let them judge the risk for themselves. As we have done throughout human history.

Sounds like a better alternative than creating the biggest recession in 300 years, closing playgrounds, shutting down once viable businesses, borrowing half a trillion quid, and literally chaining shut, the entrances of GP surgeries.

What about the test and trace system which cost £34 billion quid - any epidemiologist worth their salt will tell you that once numbers get high enough, which they will with a virus like Covid, it's of no use whatsoever.

Germany had a world class test and trace system, but by Christmas 2020 Angela Merkel, the most overrated European politician in decades, said the virus was out of control.

£34 billion, £2 billion on testing alone, the accuracy of which, the Mail newspaper has this week has cast doubt.

We spent half a billion on respirators that weren’t used. And don't get me started on those Nightingale hospitals, monuments to scientific arrogance and miscalculation.

We are where we are. But I won't forget any of this nonsense. You won't forget any of this nonsense. And the figures that did this will try to wriggle out of it and rewrite history. And I predict the enquiry will be a stitch-up.

The truth is that cases will rise again this winter, but I don't want to hear another press conference, I don't want to read about mask mandates, school closures or “let’s lock down for three weeks to flatten the curve”. I'm afraid all of that is done.

The lockdown lovers have had it their way for the last two years – and all we have to show for it is a poorer, angrier and diminished country.

It must never happen again. How can it even? The country’s so broke, we’re just a few more lockdowns away from having to decide which of our children to eat first. Forgive this madness by all means, but never forget.

With the sorry two year anniversary of the first lockdown happening this Wednesday, it’s clear we were led by a generation of scientists and politicians who drank the Kool-Aid, believed the hype and lost the plot.

All in a devastating and failed attempt to stop a highly infectious virus, and one non fatal to most. When we reflect on Wednesday about what has happened, and what we have done, two words must resonate across the length and breadth of this land: never again.

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