Even Stevie Wonder can see it’s a terrible idea to allow men who identify as women to go into female spaces, says Patrick Christys

Even Stevie Wonder can see it’s a terrible idea to allow men who identify as women to go into female spaces, says Patrick Christys
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Patrick Christys

By Patrick Christys

Published: 31/05/2022

- 10:36

Updated: 31/05/2022

- 11:06

Patrick gives his opinion on Britain’s cultural issues

We live in a society where people are so afraid of being called racist that they turn a blind eye to serious crimes and problems in society.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse literally acknowledged that the fear of stoking racial tensions got in the way of grooming gang investigations.

The implication there then is that if the police are given a straight choice between not offending the Muslim community and saving the lives of vulnerable young white girls, they’ll prioritise not offending the Muslim community.

Well, I find that offensive, frankly. It’s not the police’s job to worry about the sensitivities of a particular community, in fact, some would argue it’s that particular community’s job to do more to stop the grooming gang thing being an issue.

But it isn’t just grooming gangs, and it isn’t just the police.

A new report from the Centre for Social Justice revealed that when victims of so-called honour abuse go to their GP, quite often the GP doesn’t want to know. They’re too afraid, yet again, of stoking racial tensions.

And there’s a theme here. I will never understand why a jury of our peers found the group of white people who toppled the statue of Edward Colston and dragged it into a river not guilty of criminal damage. Look, I’m not saying rampant slave trader Edward Colston should have had a statue, but I am saying that, in my opinion, tearing down a statue is definitely criminal damage.

If I went outside now and did exactly the same thing I would be found guilty, surely? The only explanation I can find for their not guilty verdict is that the jury was too afraid of the backlash, too afraid of being called racist.

Police taking the knee outside Downing Street. What on earth was that about? If the Black Lives Matter lot had been Liverpool fans instead presumably they’d have just been tear gassed.

But it isn’t just race. No, it’s the eco-mob as well. Insulate Britain, or Insulate Prison as I call them because that’s where they all should be, could shut off motorways and arterial routes through our capital and that was just fine. People couldn’t get to hospital, people couldn’t get to work. Extinction Rebellion shut our capital city down and cost our economy billions of pounds. But we’ll just let them crack on? Why? Well, we wouldn’t want to be seen to be climate deniers, would we?

Even Stevie Wonder can see that it’s a terrible idea to allow men who identify as women to go into female spaces: toilets, prisons, sporting events etc…but we let it happen. Why? Because people wouldn’t want to be labelled transphobic.

I’d rather be labelled a racist, transphobic climate denier than turn a blind eye to this absolute madness. Why? Because I’m confident that I’ll be on the right side of history. And I suspect most people watching this will be on the right side of history as well.

Don’t be scared to call something out when you think it’s deeply wrong. After all, we keep being told that silence is violence, don’t we?

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