Trudeau’s main rival delivers masterclass on handling lefty reporter in devastating clip

​Poilievre is leading the polls to be the next Canadian prime minister

Poilievre is leading the polls to be the next Canadian prime minister

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 19/10/2023

- 20:15

Updated: 20/10/2023

- 13:09

He tore apart the reporter's questions while casually eating an apple

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s main rival scathingly took down a left-wing reporter who was interviewing him, in a devastating viral video.

Pierre Poilevere, 44, the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada calmly batted down the journalist’s questions, one of which compared him to Donald Trump.

Poilievre, who currently is leading the polls to be the next Canadian prime minister, munched on an apple whilst delivering a cold and harsh response to Don Urquhart, editor of Time Chronicle newspaper.

The clip has gone viral on social media, currently standing at over 13,000 retweets.

WATCH NOW: Pierre Poilievre rebuffs journalist's questions

Eating an apple during the whole interview, Poilievre dismantles the questions thrown to him by the reporter.

The journalist began his questioning: “In terms of your sort of strategy currently, you're obviously taking the populist pathway –”

Yet the conservative quickly butted in to ask: “What does that mean?”

Urquhart continued, saying: “Well, appealing to people's more emotional levels I would guess, I mean certainly you –” before Poilievre cuts him off again and grills him on his question, asking: “What do you mean by that, give me an example?”

The reporter then states: “Certainly you tap very strong ideological language quite frequently.”

Once more, Poilievre scrutinises the question, replying “Like what?”


\u200bPoilievre rebutted the journalist's questions

Poilievre rebutted the journalist's questions


The journalist responds: “Left-wing this and that right-wing, I mean that type of ideological —”

Once again, the journalist is rebutted by Poilievre who states: “I almost never talk about, I never really talk about left or right. I don't really believe in that.”

Urquhart tries to continue his questioning: “Okay, a lot of people would say you're simply taking a page out of the Donald Trump book.”

But Poilievre says: “A lot of people? Like which people would say that?”

The politician continues to fire back at every question the reporter asks him.

At one point, he simply tells him: “I don’t know what your question is.”

Poilievre finally gives a response, when Urquhart asks him to forget the former questions and explain why Canadians should vote for him.

“Common sense. Common sense for a change. We're gonna make common sense common in this country.

\u200bPoilievre is Trudeau's main rival

Poilievre is Trudeau's main rival


“We don't have any common sense in the current government,” he begins.

“You know, the guy prints 600 billion dollars, grows our money supply by 32 per cent in three years — that's growing the money eight times faster than the economy — no wonder we have the worst inflation in four decades.

“I'm gonna cap spending, cut waste so that we can balance the budget, bring down inflation and interest rates. You wanna be able to pay your mortgage again?

“You wanna be able to afford rent?

“Then you have to vote for Pierre Poilievre because I am the only one with a common sense plan that will bring back the buying power of your paycheck.”

After the interview, Urquhart said that “Poilievre became acerbic”.

Social media users responded to the viral interview.

One person wrote: “I love casual savagery.”

Another person added: “Masterclass in under 2-and-a-half minutes.”

The Conservatives are currently beating the Liberals 39 per cent to 30, according to Ipsos data.

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