Avi Loeb says alien life discovery is 'like a quantum leap for humans'

Avi Loeb says alien life discovery is 'like a quantum leap for humans'

Avi Loeb speaks to GB News

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 08/01/2024

- 18:50

Avi Loeb spoke to Patrick Christys on GB News America

Finding alien life would be “like a quantum leap” for mankind as we continue to make strides into the planet’s surroundings, according to a leading Harvard astrophysicist.

Avi Loeb spoke to Patrick Christys on GB News America about what finding other lifeforms would mean for the human race.

Comparing it to a “cave dweller finding a cell phone”, Loeb said our species would be able to develop further should such a staggering discovery take place.

Aliens may be able to help with technologies that “we haven’t dreamed about” in what would be a “miracle” find, he claimed.

Avi Loeb speaks to Patrick Christys

Avi Loeb has outlined what alien discovery would mean


“If they visit us, they will have these technologies with them”, he said.

“We can learn from them about some technologies that we haven’t yet dreamed about.

“It will be like a miracle. It’s just like a cave dweller finding a cell phone. They will do things that we cannot imagine given what we possess as of now.

“It’s an opportunity for us to die better and it will be a quantum leap in the way that we develop.

“It will change our priorities. Instead of fighting each other, we might engage in much bigger game that is an infinite sum game.”

Loeb said the US Government needs to be more transparent with its findings in order to assist the UFO research.

Alien discovery would be like a 'quantum leap' for mankind, Loeb said


He called on authorities to disclose any more information it has, with scientists around the world on hand to assist.

“The government monitors the sky for national security purposes”, he said.

“Whereas scientists, astronomers for example, look at small regions of the sky at very distant sources of light.

“If something flies overhead, astronomers ignore it. If there is something over there, it’s the government that would be the first to notice it.”

Loeb added that he is “waiting” for evidence, and the government must disclose what it knows for strides to be made in the field.

“As a scientist, I respond to evidence”, he said.

“That’s what we are waiting for. The government to disclose what it knows.

“It’s really important for me because I’m trying to find the evidence myself, but the government can save me a lot of time.

“Why should I spend decades of my life looking for something when the government already has it?”

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