‘Very damaging!’ Warning issued over Gen Alpha’s anti-ageing craze: Beauty industry ‘monetises insecurities’

‘Very damaging!’ Warning issued over Gen Alpha’s anti-ageing craze: Beauty industry ‘monetises insecurities’

WATCH NOW: American Psychiatrist issues warning to young generations as TikTok trends influence beauty standards

GB News America
Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 27/01/2024

- 11:42

TikTok and social media trends are heavily influencing younger generations to buy makeup and skincare products

A top American Psychiatrist has warned of the "very damaging" trends affecting the young generations on social media, as the rise of obsession with anti-ageing sweeps the US.

The 'Sephora kids' trend has exploded on social media, with viral posts on video sharing app TikTok showing youth across the US flocking to beauty and skin-care retailer Sephora.

In their videos, young skincare fans showcase their shopping visits and often expensive 'hauls' of products, as well as skincare and beauty routines.

Sephora staff have also posted videos of the 'Sephora kids' trashing displays and leaving stores in a mess in a desperate hunt for the most viral products.

Dr Daniel Bober / Stock image of child applying makeup

Dr Daniel Bober says children's obsession with anti-aging is 'very damaging'

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As well as picking up the latest trending makeup products, young Americans are picking up products specifically targeted to help anti-aging, such as retinol, which may end up ruining their young skin barriers.

The most popular brands among Generation Alpha, those born between 2010 and 2024 are Drunk Elephant, Glow Recipe, Summer Fridays, and Sol De Janeiro.

However, those brand's products also include active anti-aging ingredients, which could be damaging to both their skin and their mental health.

Speaking to GB News America, Psychiatrist Dr Daniel Bober has warned that the effect social media trends are having on the younger generations could cause long term damage.

Dr Bober explained: " I think that the beauty industry monetises the insecurity of these young kids in a way that could be very damaging later on, whether it contributes to depression, to eating disorders or other types of mental illness.

"And I don't mean to suggest that it's causing mental illness, but it could be the fuel on the fire."

Bober continued: "Some of these products could be a little bit harsh for young children. There may not necessarily be any harm in it, a lot of kids model their parent's behaviour or they see other kids doing it. So that in and of itself is not harmful.

"I think it's the symptom of the problem, which is the effect that social media has on kids."

Dr Daniel Bober

Dr Daniel Bober says social media is having a 'damaging effect' on Generation Alpha

GB News America

Analysing the impact of modern beauty standard on the younger generations, Dr Bober told GB News America that social media has made young women "incredibly insecure".

Dr Bober added: "Western culture is very looks focused - young girls and especially young women fall victim to this.

"And so I think it is one more thing that we need to consider in terms of the development of these young people and their focus on looks and beauty and the objectification that goes along with it."

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