UK becomes first country in world to ban all ships with Russian connection from its waters

UK becomes first country in world to ban all ships with Russian connection from its waters
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GB News Reporter

By GB News Reporter

Published: 01/03/2022

- 13:38

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps urges other countries to do the same

Britain has passed a law banning all ships that have any connection to Russia from entering its ports.

This afternoon, Tuesday March 1, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said on Twitter: "We've just become the first nation to pass a law involving a total ban of all ships with any Russian connection whatsoever from entering British ports."

The ban comes after Mr Shapps wrote a letter to all UK ports on Monday, urging them to refuse access to Russian boats.

The letter stated: "The maritime sector is fundamental to international trade and we must play our part in restricting Russia's economic interests and holding the Russian government to account".

In the tweet, Mr Shapps urged other countries to follow suit adding: “Please RT to encourage all countries to do the same in support of the people of #Ukraine” and included a photograph of himself standing next to Foreign Office minister, James Cleverly.

The ban on ships is the latest in a set of measures imposed on Russia over the Ukraine invasion in an attempt to punish and prevent any further military action.

Grant Shapps and James Cleverley
Grant Shapps and James Cleverley

Severe economic and other sanctions such as the freezing of the assets of Russia’s central bank, limiting access to $630bn international dollar reserves have been implemented by Western nations.

Exports to Russia have also been limited by the UK, EU and US, specifically items that could have military use. Individuals such as Oligarchs are also being targeted by Western governments.

Speaking in Warsaw today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK is ready to "intensify" sanctions against the Kremlin and continue to support Ukraine.

Mr Johnson said Russian President Vladimir Putin had underestimated the “unity” and the resolve of the West to act in response to Russia’s invasion.

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