St Patrick's Day LIVE: Huge celebrations across Ireland and the UK

​St Patrick's Day celebrations

St Patrick's Day celebrations are taking place across the island of Ireland and the rest of the world

Dan Falvey

By Dan Falvey

Published: 17/03/2024

- 09:32

Updated: 18/04/2024

- 15:48

The annual celebrations also come the day after Ireland won the Six Nations rugby tournament

Millions of people are celebrating St Patrick's day across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Large parties and gathering will be underway to mark the country's saint day.

And those celebrating have an extra reason to be cheerful this year, with St Patrick's Day coming less than 24 hours after Ireland were crown Six Nations champions.

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Three cheers for Kate!

The Irish Guards gave three cheers for their absent colonel, the Princess of Wales


The Irish Guards gave three cheers for their absent colonel, the Princess of Wales, during a St Patrick’s Day parade at Mons Barracks in Hampshire.

On Sunday, 250 Irish Guardsmen marched onto the Parade Square at the Aldershot barracks led by their mascot, a three-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Turlough Mor, also known as Seamus.

Kate, who has been colonel of the regiment for a year after officially taking over from her husband, the Prince of Wales, is still recovering from abdominal surgery in January and has not resumed her public duties.

William and Kate have attended several past parades together and she was pictured in the rain last year presenting mascot Seamus with the traditional sprig of shamrock before the couple enjoyed a glass of Guinness with the troops.

PICTURED: Latest images from London's celebrations

PICTURED: Belfast's annual St Patrick's Day parade

Tens of thousands line the streets of Dublin

Ireland's new Late Late Show presenter Patrick Kielty is grand marshal of the national parade in Dublin


Tens of thousands of people have lined the streets of Dublin to watch the St Patrick’s Day parade.

Attendees wearing shamrock-shaped sunglasses, Irish jerseys and leprechaun hats thronged the streets of the Irish capital ahead of the parade’s midday start.

Visitors travelled from as far away as Bolivia, California and China to catch a glimpse of the vibrant spectacle.

New Late Late Show presenter Patrick Kielty, the grand marshal of the national parade in Dublin, described Ireland’s national day as “the biggest party in the world”.

More than 4,200 participants are expected to take part in the flagship parade in the capital, featuring 18 performances and pageants.

Royals wish a happy St Patrick's Day

Prince William and Princess Kate have shared a sneak peak of the Irish Guards practicing for the annual St Patrick's Day parade on social media.

They signed it off: "Sláinte to all those celebrating today! "

Sinn Fein leader defends spending St Patrick's Day in America

Mary Lou McDonald has defended her decision to go to the US for St Patrick’s Day despite calls for politicians to boycott events this year.

The Sinn Fein leader said she couldn’t refuse the “unparalleled access” that Washington DC offers this week.

She made the comments in the face of a push for politicians to snub meetings with senior US figures in a show of Irish opposition to the growing number of deaths and injuries in Gaza.

“I’m talking about concrete action. We need a ceasefire. We need to end the slaughter of women and children in Gaza. 30,000 deaths now,” she said.

“So the question isn’t ‘why did you come?’ The question has to be ‘how could you possibly stay away?’

“In a way, we have a unique position as Irish political leaders in that we have a very strong, relationship with the United States, very strong, unparalleled access in a week like this.

“And we also have a very strong relationship with the Palestinian struggle and a strong commitment to freedom for Palestine and self-determination, an end to the occupation.

“How on earth could I possibly justify not coming and not pressing that case in the strongest possible terms?”

GB News' Dougie Beattie gets in the spirit

GB News' Northern Ireland reporter Dougie Beattie is having fun while he works.

He's donned a pair of green shamrock glasses, a green hat and an Irish badge while on shift.

An extra reason to celebrate

Those looking to celebrate St Patrick's Day may already be nursing sore heads after Ireland's Six Nation's victory yesterday afternoon.

Despite a spirited display from Scotland and a very tight match, Ireland secured the necessary win to win the tournament.

If you missed yesterday's action, you can read GB News' match report here.

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