Some domestic flights resume at Kabul airport

Taliban forces patrol at a Kabul airport runway
Taliban forces patrol at a Kabul airport runway
Gareth Milner

By Gareth Milner

Published: 05/09/2021

- 09:03

Updated: 05/09/2021

- 09:04

Flights have taken off headed for western Herat and southern Kandahar

Some domestic flights have resumed at Afghanistan’s international airport in Kabul, with the state-run Ariana Afghan Airline operating flights to three provinces.

Shershah Stor, the airline’s station manager at the airport, said on Sunday that flights took off on Saturday for western Herat, southern Kandahar and northern Balkh provinces.

He said the flights were conducted without a functioning radar system at the airport.

Mr Stor said three more flights are scheduled to the same provinces on Sunday.

A team of Qatari and Turkish technicians arrived in Kabul last week to help restart operations at the airport, which the UN says is crucial to providing the country with humanitarian assistance.

It remains to be seen, however, whether any commercial airlines will be willing to offer services.

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