Russia ‘acting like a terrorist organisation’ as it struggles to capture Kyiv, ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister tells GB News

Russia ‘acting like a terrorist organisation’ as it struggles to capture Kyiv, ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister tells GB News
24 March Honcharuk
Aden-Jay Wood

By Aden-Jay Wood

Published: 24/03/2022

- 21:50

Updated: 25/03/2022

- 01:20

Oleksiy Honcharuk is currently in Ukraine attempting to protect the capital

Russia has changed its tactics and is now “acting like a terrorist organisation”, an ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister has said.

Oleksiy Honcharuk, who served under President Volomodir Zelenskyy in 2019 and 2020, is currently in Kyiv as he attempts to protect his country.

Missile strikes continue to rain over Ukraine, but Russian forces remain unable to capture the capital.

Speaking to GB News on Dan Wootton Tonight, Mr Honcharuk said Russia underestimated the people of Ukraine, adding that Putin’s army is no longer attempting to fight the Ukrainian military.

He said: “Millions of Ukrainians are now fighting against Russian occupants to protect our lands and homes.

“Russians expected to capture our capital and to kill our President in the first couple of days in this war. They failed because our military forces are strong.

Oleksiy Honcharuk
Oleksiy Honcharuk
GB News

Residents extinguish a fire after a bombing destroyed a family home in a northern district of Kharkiv as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, Ukraine, March 24, 2022.  REUTERS/Thomas Peter
Devastation continues across Ukraine

“Our forces have already killed thousands of Russian soldiers and destroyed a lot of military vehicles and it’s not the end.

“Russians have now changed their tactics and are acting like a terrorists organisation. Now they are not fighting against our military troops, they are fighting against our civilians, our women and children.

“That is why Ukraine was asking Western leaders to provide us some support and protect us from the sky, to help protect us from the threat from the sky.”

Mr Honcharuk's comments come hours after NATO leaders met in Brussels to discuss their ongoing response to the invasion.

Speaking after the talks, Boris Johnson said: "Putin's failure in Ukraine is vital for the peace and prosperity of all us and his barbaric invasion has galvanised the international community into collective action.

"We will work with like-minded allies to ramp up lethal aid to Ukraine at scale, providing kit to President Zelenksyy with the quality and quantity that he needs to defend his country from its bullying neighbour."

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