Polls to predict Keir Starmer 'will be elected as PM with a majority' should Boris Johnson remain

Polls to predict Keir Starmer 'will be elected as PM with a majority' should Boris Johnson remain
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Anna Fox

By Anna Fox

Published: 06/07/2022

- 22:22

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:52

Head of Political Polling for Opinium Research Chris Curtis anticipates a plummet in Boris Johnson's approval ratings

The head of a leading political opinion poll company has anticipated that a Labour government will lead the country next.

GB News presenter Nigel Farage questioned Chris Curtis on what he expected to see at the next set of general election opinion polls

He said on GB News: "What sort of lead do you think Labour will be on?"

Mr Curtis replied saying: "I think we will start to see polls which show double digit Labour leads.

"I think it's not unreasonable now to think in the coming weeks if most opinion polls will probably show Labour leads that would put Keir Starmer into Downing Street."

The polling expert says he expects Boris Johnson's approval ratings to plummet if he remains as Prime Minister.

Chris Curtis spoke with Nigel Farage
Chris Curtis spoke with Nigel Farage

The discussion began on the topic of the recent political poll which revealed a damning loss of confidence in the Prime Minister from Conservative voters who elected Mr Johnson in 2019.

Mr Curtis added: "The thing is about seven and a half of those 14 million, now think he should resign and actually it's those Cabinet ministers who are asking him to resign who are doing what the majority of those 14 million Conservative voters want.'

Mr Curtis noted how the voters loss of faith, fell as a string of resignations swamped the Prime Minister amid the handling of misconduct allegations of Chris Pincher.

He added: "I think it's the straw that broke the camels back, ultimately it's the straw that broke the camels back when it comes to Conservative Party MPs.

"There's only so long you can go on, after scandal after scandal after scandal, before people eventually turn around and go your too busy dealing with scandals and you're not busy enough running the country."

The news that the country could endure a Labour premiership at the next general election falls as Boris Johnson announces the axing of Michael Gove.

GB News Presenter Darren McCaffrey confirmed that the Prime Minister axed Mr Gove in a phone call this evening.

Reports follow claims the levelling up, housing and communities secretary was among a number of Cabinet ministers urging the Prime Minister to resign.

The minister refrained from attending Prime Minister's Questions earlier today, as the Prime Minister faced a tough time from his own MPs as well as Sir Keir Starmer.

The announcement of his axing, follows the resignation of 29 MPs who left their governmental roles amid an ongoing row over the handling of the Chris Pincher scandal.

Despite a tsunami of ministerial and MP resignations, the Prime Minister has thwarted calls for him to resign from his role.

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