Pensioners with heart disease could be eligible for extra £369 a month

Pensioners with heart disease could be eligible for extra £369 a month
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Anna Fox

By Anna Fox

Published: 10/06/2022

- 12:33

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 11:04

The extra benefits will support the elderly amid a crippling cost of living crisis

State pensioners may be able to receive an extra £369 a month, via the Attendance Allowance, which helps those who have a physical or mental disability or illness.

Many pensioners across the UK are entitled to the Attendance Allowance but may not understand how to make a claim.

The Attendance allowance does not cover mobility needs, but simply assists with extra costs.

The allowance supports those who wish to remain independent in their own home for longer, and claimants are not required to have someone caring for them in order to apply.

Pensioners could receive an extra \u00a3369 a month
Pensioners could receive an extra £369 a month
Rui Vieira

Britons of state pension age and older should apply for Attendance Allowance if they have a disability or illness and require assistance or supervision throughout the day or at times during the night - even if they don’t currently get that help.

Claimants can request assistance with personal care - for example getting dressed, eating or drinking, manoeuvring to bed, bathing and showering and using the bathroom.

People can claim Attendance Allowance if they need help of supervision due to a mental health condition, learning difficulties or if they are deaf or visually impaired.

Pensioners could receive £61.85 per week if they need help during the day or at night.

If they require help during the day and night, or are terminally ill, they could get £92.40 a week.

The benefit is paid every four weeks , which means people could receive either £247.40 or £369.60 every pay period.

The money could be put towards paying for taxis, helping towards bills or paying a cleaner or gardener.

The allowance is not means-tested so it doesn't consider the other money that people are receiving or how much they have in their savings.

Attendance Allowance is tax-free and will be exempt from the Benefit Cap.

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