Isabel Webster recalls being told to tone down 'sexy' TV wardrobe: 'Women can't win!'

Isabel Webster recalls being told to tone down 'sexy' TV wardrobe: 'Women can't win!'

WATCH NOW: Isabel Webster recalls being told off by former employer for being 'too sexy' with her wardrobe

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Georgia Pearce

By Georgia Pearce

Published: 31/01/2024

- 16:19

Isabel Webster and Marnie Swindells discussed the struggle of women dressing well in the business industry

GB News host Isabel Webster made a shock revelation during her Breakfast show with host Eamonn Holmes, as she discussed the double standards of women dressing well in the business industry.

Joined by Marnie Swindells, who won BBC reality business competition The Apprentice in 2023, the panel sparked a conversation about times they were criticised for dressing "too sexy" for their industries.

Swindells, who secured a £250,000 business deal with Lord Alan Sugar for her boxing gym venture has spoken out on being criticised for her "sexy" wardrobe, both on the show and on her personal Instagram page.

She hit out at previously being called "racy" and "sexy" by media outlets for her choice of attire both as a businesswoman and in her personal life.

Isabel Webster

Isabel Webster recalled being told by an employer that her wardrobe was 'too sexy'

GB News

Following the success of her boxing gym enterprise, Swindells claimed she has had "issues" with being perceived well by the industry because of her "glamorous" image.

Swindells stated she continues to "challenge the narrative" of the typical boxing gym owner.

In a discussion with GB News hosts Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster, Swindells said being sexy in business is "entirely possible".

Eamonn Holmes joked that he too has had to live with "being sexy" in the industry, and asked how the "derogatory" language has impacted her progress as a businesswoman.

Swindells explained: "It's just this really unfair narrative that women can't do both. Women are so multifaceted. They can be mothers, they can be sexy, they can be businesswomen, they can be silly, they can be all these different dimensions.

"And this push that we have to limit ourselves to one category, it's just unfair."

Isabel agreed with Swindells and shared another Apprentice example of glamour in business, Karren Brady, stating "if anybody can prove that you can be sexy and successful in business, it's her."

Isabel then admitted: "When I was younger I certainly got a bit of this by my old employer, being told that I had to dress a certain way, not to be too sexy, which I found hugely offensive.

Marnie Swindells

The Apprentice winner Marine Swindells reveals she has received criticism for how she dresses as a businesswoman

GB News

"I was told this by a female boss who didn't like me wearing zips on the back of my dress. Not just me, but some of the other presenters there.

"And I took such offence. I felt like she thought that I was some sort of... I don't know what."

Swindells responded to Isabel's revelation, fuming: "I just think women can't win. If you wear a grey boring suit, you're frumpy and boring. If you wear a bikini, you're a hussy and racy, which I've been called in the press.

"There's just no right answer. And as we said, I think Karren Brady is doing an excellent job at leading the charge that you can be glamorous and get the job done."

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