BBC The Apprentice fans call for major change to show as 'samey' line-up of Alan Sugar candidates confirmed

BBC The Apprentice fans call for major change to show as 'samey' line-up of Alan Sugar candidates confirmed

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 23/01/2024

- 09:20

Updated: 23/01/2024

- 09:55

The 18 candidates heading into the boardroom have been unveiled

The Apprentice fans have made their feelings known about this year's crop of candidates after the full line-up of 18 hopefuls was announced on Tuesday.

As usual, Lord Alan Sugar will be putting the dozen-and-a-half business-savvy contestants through their paces with Baroness Karen Brady and Tim Campbell MBE by his side.

Among this year's cast are pie company owners, a fitness studio owner, a DJ, a dentist, and a mortgage broker.

While several of this year's candidates boast impressive CVs, they also come well-equipped with The Apprentice's usual blend of cockiness and staunch belief in their own abilities.

One candidate when asked what their "biggest business failure" was has been quoted as saying: "I don’t have one. Failure is never an option."

And another lauded their success: "On my own, I’ve built the foundations for a very successful business and joining forces with Lord Sugar means we would dominate the market overnight."

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar with this year's The Apprentice candidates


However, after hearing from the line-up, several fans have shared their desire for the BBC series to change the format going forward.

"Even though I watch every year the show needs a massive revamp. #TheApprentice," one fan suggested on X, formerly Twitter.

A second agreed: "I hope they've changed up the format a little, defo has needed a spruce up for a few years now."

Meanwhile, a third sarcastically added: "Oh wow good to see them go for a different approach this year..."

"Feel like it’s the same cast every year," a fourth hit out while a fifth brutally said: "You’re fired... Is this old thing still going?! And also surprised The Apprentice is still on too…"

However, there has been plenty of support for the show, including one fan who argued back at the naysayers: "I don't care what anyone says, The Apprentice is peak UK TV and I'm always excited to see it come back."

"Very diverse! let’s go can’t wait #TheApprentice," another applauded while a third praised: "Why do I feel like this is gonna be an amazing cast... the drama is gonna be good... #TheApprentice." (sic)

Those hoping for a switch-up to previous series may be able to take consolation in what Lord Sugar has said about the upcoming episodes - and how he and his team took suggestions on how to improve the programme on-board.

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar is back to oversee proceedings


He told the BBC that The Apprentice team took a different approach to casting this time around as he explained: "This year, we had more business-focussed tasks early in the audition process so that my team and the production company could filter out and find serious potential businesspeople."

And Lord Sugar also reeled off what he needs from this year's eventual winner: "I'm looking for character, I'm looking for brain power. And this is the most important thing, do they get it?

"A lot of the candidates in the early stages simply don't get it. And that's why I let them go. Do you get it? It's as simple as that.

"All the shouting and screaming amongst each other, I have to shut them up. Just be quiet. They just start screaming. It's not good.

"I'm always telling them, 'One at a time. I'll let you all speak. I'll let everybody speak. No need to shout and scream over each other.' I'm just looking for do they get it? Simple as that."

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