Insulate Britain block roads around Parliament Square

Insulate Britain block roads around Parliament Square
Insulate Westminster
Samantha Haynes

By Samantha Haynes

Published: 04/11/2021

- 09:55

Updated: 04/11/2021

- 10:14

Climate activists bring road blockades to Westminster, occupying two roads around Parliament Square

Insulate Britain have blocked two roads around Parliament Square in London, with supporters of the group sitting in the carriageway and holding banners.

The group said 62 members sat on the ground while holding Insulate Britain banners on the south east of Parliament Square, on Bridge Street, and at the Peers’ entrance to the Houses of Parliament.

Around 30 protesters glued themselves to the ground on Thursday as part of the group’s ongoing demonstrations on roads across the UK.

Earlier in the morning, the group published a statement reflecting on its campaign.

It said: “Insulate Britain has been one of the most successful campaigns in history. Our name recognition went from zero to 77% of the public in three weeks, we have attracted enormous media interest and we have started thousands of conversations, in the press, on social media and in homes up and down the country.

“Importantly, we have exposed the Government’s refusal to act on home insulation as cowardly and vindictive and their refusal to protect our country and our children from the climate crisis as genocidal and treasonous.”

Insulate Britain’s latest protest follows demonstrations near London, Birmingham and Manchester earlier this week.

Around 60 demonstrators descended on junction 23 of the M25 near London, junction 6 of the M56 in Manchester and the A4400 in Birmingham.

So far, 161 people have been involved in the roadblock campaign and there have been more than 800 arrests.

Nine members of the group are due to appear at the High Court on November 16 after breaching a National Highways injunction.

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