POLL OF THE DAY: Has the army gone woke after relaxing security to boost diversity? YOUR VERDICT

Has the army gone woke after relaxing security to boost diversity?
Has the army gone woke after relaxing security to boost diversity?
Oliver Trapnell

By Oliver Trapnell

Published: 11/02/2024

- 08:33

Updated: 11/02/2024

- 19:56

GB News membership readers have been asked whether they think the army has gone woke

GB News readers have emphatically decided that the British Army has gone woke after relaxing security to boost diversity.

Just one per cent do not believe the military is turning woke, with 98 per cent users voting yes and another one per cent remaining unsure.

The poll comes after the British army announced it wants to relax security checks for new recruits from overseas in a bid to boost diversity and inclusion in the armed forces.

Recruitment targets have been consistently missed by the British armed forces with ethnic minorities making up just 14 per cent of the regular army.

GB News readers emphatically voted that the army has gone woke

GB News readers emphatically voted that the army has gone woke


A leaked document seen by the Telegraph, titled The British Army’s Race Action Plan, suggests the army “struggles to attract talent from ethnic minority backgrounds into the officer corps”.

The document is understood to represent the latest guidance and suggests that security clearance vetting is “the primary barrier to non-UK personnel gaining a commission in the Army”.

Former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove said: “The evidence published today in The Telegraph, which apparently prioritises diversity, equality, and inclusion in matters of national security, is very worrying indeed.

“Effective security policies at whatever level they are applied simply do not allow for ‘politically correct’ soft edges.

“The fighting capability of our armed forces, already hollowed out as the Defence Select Committee recently documented, must not be further compromised by the over-application of DEI ideology. We are living in a world where the threat of war is getting closer.


“We give succour to our enemies if the concentration on the creation of an effective warrior mentality is not the primary objective of our navy, army and airforce.”

Following the findings, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps ordered a major review of diversity and inclusion policies in the armed forces.

Shapps said: “I am committed to improving the working conditions and morale of all those who work in the military and Ministry of Defence. This is not only the right thing to do but is key to improving recruitment and retainment in our forces.

“However, time and resources are being squandered to promote a political agenda which is pitting individuals against each other, when what we need is a common set of values which delivers the military we need to defend us and our allies.

“This extremist culture has crept in over years and it is time for a proper shake up, designed to refocus the military on its core mission - being a lethal fighting force. I am therefore commissioning a root-and-branch, fast track review of ethnicity, diversity and inclusivity policies in Defence. It is time for common sense instead of divisiveness.

“At a time when the world faces a threat as serious as any time in the last 50 years, I can confirm that it is inconceivable that I would allow a lowering of standards on security clearance.”

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