WATCH: Bev and Andrew make excellent point on Ofcom ruling in exclusive video

WATCH: Bev and Andrew make excellent point on Ofcom ruling in exclusive video

Bev Turner and Andree Pierce speaks on the Ofcom ruling

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By GB News Reporter

Published: 21/05/2024

- 09:40

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce react to the latest decision by Ofcom against GB News

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce have reacted to the latest decision by Ofcom to penalise GB News.

The presenters spoke after Ofcom ruled that The People's Forum with Rishi Sunak had failed to maintain impartiality rules despite the Prime Minister being questioned by an independent audience.

Speaking in an exclusive members-only video, Andrew said: "Well, I'm really disappointed with the Ofcom rule.

"I thought it was a great innovation to get the Prime Minister. He was put on the spot again and again and again by GB news viewers who are very well informed about what's happening politically and economically. And I think at times it was very uncomfortable for Rishi Sunak.

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce on Ofcom ruling

Bev Turner and Andrew Pierce react to Ofcom ruling

GB News

He explained: "I don't think it's a secret. We've asked Keir Starmer's office we want Keir Starmer to do it. Come on with exactly the same format.

"And we have many Labour figures on this programme from the Shadow Cabinet, across the channel.

"We're included in the what we call the broadcast round ministers, shadow ministers. They will come on GB news because they want to go on jobs, because they want to talk to our viewers and listeners.

Bev continued: "What we also find, interestingly, is when we do ask for left wing guests on this channel, we are often told that they won't talk to us too often, whether they're from charities or political organisations or NGOs. They often are a bit snooty about GMB news and say we wouldn't possibly talk to GB News.

"And I find that really disappointing, because it means that people on the left of some debates won't have those conversations publicly. They're frightened to come and talk. We are not frightening people. We welcome everybody.

"We are the fiercest proponents of free speech and difficult conversations and tackling the issues from 360 degrees."

Andrew quipped: "And also don't forget, we often disagree with each other, especially in the media."

Bev concluded: "And that's what we do. We're able to disagree with each other and still be friends with people at the end of the day, and that is what a healthy, democratic society looks like."

To which Andrew replied: "So despite Ofcom, onwards and upwards, for GB News and thank you at home."

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