Ingredients in shampoos to avoid for a 'glass ​look' - and how often you should wash your hair

Washing hair

Overwashing hair could strip the scalp of much-needed oils

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 24/02/2024

- 07:00

Updated: 24/02/2024

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Washing hair sparingly could be the key to lustrous locks as the body ages

Hair has become a vital beauty marker in the modern age, but the answers to shiny and lustrous textures have long evaded us.

Though regular washes are adopted to keep up appearances and hygiene, they may be one of the main components stripping strands of their natural lustre and Britons should look to avoid sulphates and isopropyl alcohol.

The oxidative stress that goes hand in hand with ageing naturally hinders the luminance of hair in a person's senior years.

This is predominantly because the hormonal changes that characterise the ageing process disrupt the hair growth cycles.

shiny hair

Oxidative stress can trigger a decline in the shine of hair


This shift also directly impacts the production of sebum, an oil on the surface of the scalp that keeps hair shiny and hydrated.

Limiting washes to the bare minimum could therefore enhance the shine of your locks, experts have claimed.

Ruby Jo Lomax, hairdresser and founder of hair education, RJL Education, said: “Adopting a proper hair washing and moisturising schedule is vital to achieving a glass hair look.

“If you’ve got the proper routine in place, you’ll need to be washing your hair around twice a week to keep up a good shine.

“With the additional product in your hair being used to keep it in this state, you may need to occasionally double shampoo to maintain the health of both your hair and scalp, but this entirely depends on your hair type and no one knows your hair better than you.”

Being extra vigilant about which ingredients you use on your scalp could further enhance the condition of your hair as the body ages.

Shampoos pack a wide range of chemicals that can make hair dry and brittle in the long run, warned Ruby.

“There’s two main ingredients in shampoo that I would say people need to avoid if they want shiny hair; sulphates and isopropyl alcohol,” the expert explained.

Hair shine

Limiting washes to twice a week could enhance your hair's natural shine


“Sulphates are used in shampoos and they’re what help them become a lather, dissolving and stripping away oils on your hair for a deep clean.

“However, by being such an effective cleaning agent, sulphates also strip away the beneficial oils, drying out the hair and making it lose that stunning shine you’re looking for.

“Similarly, isopropyl alcohol is great for cleaning thanks to its ability to easily dissolve many substances, it is extremely drying and can quickly damage and dull your hair.”

Experts at the health body Healtlthine advise being on the lookout for natural oils in shampoos, for a shine boost.

Avocado, argan oil and jojoba oil are among the top ingredients for restoring the scalp’s oil production and moisturising strands.

Prioritising shampoos with these ingredients will also lower the chances of breakages, which become increasingly common as hair weakens with age.

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