Drivers could be hit with £160 parking and traffic fines under dramatic new plans

A parking warden issuing fines

Parking and traffic fines could increase

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 14/08/2023

- 11:44

Updated: 14/08/2023

- 16:13

Drivers may soon have to pay more in parking and traffic fines under new plans

London Councils has launched a consultation to consider whether parking and traffic penalty charges will be increased.

The consultation has questioned whether the maximum price of parking fines should be increased from a maximum of £130 to £160.

In 2022, Transport for London increased parking, bus lane and moving traffic penalty charges on the roads from £130 to £160.

The Transport and Environment Committee has not reviewed any of the penalty charges since 2010.

A parking attendant

The current maximum fine is £130


Many of the current charges and additional fees have not changed since 2007, with the Committee being responsible for parking, bus lane and moving traffic penalty charges on borough roads.

Mayor Philip Glanville, London Councils Executive Member for Climate Change, Transport and Environment, said: “London boroughs are committed to making our roads safe and accessible for everyone.

“By effectively managing parking and traffic we can incentivise people to drive and park safely, protect access, crossing and junctions, and increase active travel such as walking, cycling and rented e-scooter use.

“We can also improve bus prioritisation, reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.

The number of penalty charge notices (PCNs) issued in London has increased by 50 percent over the last 12 years.

London boroughs are concerned that the current penalty charge levels are “not high enough” to encourage compliance and act as a deterrent.

The Committee highlights how some drivers are choosing to park where they are not allowed, knowing they’ll receive a penalty charge.

Because of inflation, many there has been a reduction in the real value of the fines and additional fees over time, with management costs increasing at the same time.

Mayor Glanville added: “Today’s consultation is a crucial part of the Transport and Environment Committee’s decision-making process on penalty charge levels and additional fees, and anyone who uses London’s roads can have their say on the new proposals.

“We are dedicated to ensuring the plans don’t negatively impact lower income and more vulnerable people and welcome all input into this consultation.”

There has been some pushback to the consultation, including RAC head of policy Simon Williams, who said there was “no justification whatsoever” to increase costs.

He added: It’s bizarre that we’re now getting to the stage where a driver can be fined almost as much for an innocent mistake as they are for dangerously driving using a handheld mobile phone. This is inherently wrong and needs to change.”


A yellow box junction

Traffic fines in London would also increase under the plans


The consultation is set to conclude on Monday, October 23, with analysis being considered by the Transport and Environment Committee on December 7.

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