'The fastest way to cover unwanted greys!' Women over 50 can look younger instantly with a speedy hair hack

'The fastest way to cover unwanted greys!' Women over 50 can look younger instantly with a speedy hair hack

Deirdre Nicholas gives style advice for women over 50

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 25/05/2024

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Updated: 29/05/2024

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A temporary root concealer may be the secret to taking years off in seconds

Greying hair is an inevitable sign of ageing and many women like to reverse the clock by dyeing their silver strands.

Many hairstylists recommend getting your roots touched up every four to six weeks, meaning that keeping the grey at bay can be an expensive, laborious task. A hair expert spoke exclusively to GB News about how women over 50 can cover their greys and look younger instantly.

Pierre Dubois, founder of DashStylists, a network of mobile hair stylists and barbers for older adults, advised that women invest in temporary root concealers.

He said: "They are not the most glamorous products to talk about but they are very efficient and super practical for a woman over 50 who needs a quick fix for a dinner or an event and doesn't have three hours to spend at the salon.

Middle-aged women with beautiful hair

Women who have started to go grey have been given an anti-ageing tip


"A temporary root concealer is the fastest way to cover unwanted greys. There are several types of root cover-ups on the market to choose from, including powders, sprays and colour sticks.

"The application will be slightly different but all are easy to use and it can be done quickly. Pharmacies, supermarkets and Amazon all carry these products, so finding them shouldn’t be an issue."

According to the expert, this handy hair hack can tie you over for a few days before washing.

Pierre said: "One application lasts until you shampoo your strands again, so you control when your roots become visible."

Another benefit of a temporary root concealer is that it may help to cover up sparse areas caused by the ageing process.

Over time, hair strands become smaller and have less pigment, becoming thin, fine, and light-coloured.

The DashStylists hair expert also provided a tip for those who need to touch up their roots in a hurry and haven't yet sourced an official root concealer.

For an "emergency situation", ladies can use an eyeshadow that matches their hair colour or a mascara wand to cover up their roots.


Investing in a temporary root concealer may save you hours at the hair salon


Rather than going for a contrived, stiff hairstyle, women with silver strands should incorporate "movement and flow" - which the expert shared how to do.

Another grey hair enthusiast claimed that women with greys can look "better" with a haircut that is "stylish, youthful and easy to upkeep".

Women can also maintain a more youthful look by taking care of their skin. A healthy diet can go a long way when it comes to your complexion.

A 42-year-old shared the two vitamin-rich foods that gave her "glass-like" and "glowy" skin.

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