'It's instantly ageing you!' Women over 50 told to stop wearing style of top that makes them look 'dated'

'It's instantly ageing you!' Women over 50 told to stop wearing style of top that makes them look 'dated'

Deirdre Nicholas gives fashion advice for women over 50

YouTube / 50 & Fabulous with My Friend Deirdre
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 20/05/2024

- 21:00

Middle-aged women have been advised to ditch their cold shoulder tops

While personal style is not dictated by age, some people believe that certain outfits and looks should only be reserved for the young.

A content creator for women over 50 claimed that a particular style of tops is incredibly ageing, advising middle-aged ladies to ditch their cold shoulder tops.

Angela from YouTube's Angela Masson - Fashion Over 50 started by saying that style is a very individual concept and women should wear whatever they feel confident in.

However, she believes that cold shoulder tops (a top with sleeves and cut out shoulders) are "dated and making us look older".

Angela Masson wearing a cold shoulder top

'Why - why do we need holes in our shoulders?'

YouTube / Angela Masson - Fashion Over 50

She said: "I look at them now and think, 'Why - why do we need holes in our shoulders?'.

"It was in, it was totally in for a long time, but it seems that they are making us look older because they are just so dated now."

According to the over 50s fashionista, the appeal of cold shoulder tops is that they provide an extra detail that sets them apart from generic T-shirts.

However, this detail can be achieved in plenty of other ways. The fashion influencer suggested opting for a top with a unique neckline.

Alternatively, women over 50 can turn heads by wearing tops that have interesting details in their sleeves.

Flutter sleeves, pucker sleeves and sleeves with a bow at the bottom can all provide a fashionable twist on the simple sleeve.

Angela concluded: "If you see a cold shoulder top, put it down. You need to put it down."

The style expert also suggested banishing tops and shirts with asymmetrical hems.

The appeal of these is that they cover more of the body for women looking to do this. However, straight-style tops that are a little longer can also achieve this.

The fashionista said: "Those asymmetric-hemmed shirts and shark bite shirts [where the top has two longer points on either side of the body] have had their day.


Woman looking at clothes in store

Women over 50 have been advised that some styles of sleeves are more flattering than others


"And when I see those it just equates to older and outdated. There are so many other choices out there now than hemlines that are cut weirdly."

For women who are still super keen on a unique hemline, scallop-edged tops might be the ideal compromise.

She said: "That would perhaps be stepping it up a bit more as far as being more current."

Women over 50 were also advised to ditch a "frumpy" type of skirt that "makes anyone look older".

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