'I'm a hairstylist and women with grey hair can take 20 years off their age by avoiding a styling mistake'

'I'm a hairstylist and women with grey hair can take 20 years off their age by avoiding a styling mistake'

Deirdre Nicholas gives style advice to women over 50

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 11/04/2024

- 22:30

Updated: 12/04/2024

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Mature women should aim to create movement in their hair for the ultimate anti-ageing hack

Going grey is an inevitable sign of ageing but it doesn't necessarily mean looking old.

According to a hairstylist, it's possible to look youthful with silver or grey strands by avoiding a key mistake. Hair expert Justin Hickox told ladies to avoid wearing stiff hairstyles.

The hair expert and stylist acknowledged that there is something "really amazing and really important" about being confident at any age, even after going grey.

However, some people would rather "look the most youthful they can for whatever age they are". For women with salt and pepper or grey hair, Justin provided a top tip for "taking 20 years off and looking a bit more youthful".

Justin Hickox / Woman with grey hair in a bob

Women have been warned against making a crucial grey hair mistake

YouTube / Justin Hickox / GETTY IMAGES

The hair guru advised that women with silver strands avoid "contrived", stiff hairstyles. Instead, they should try to achieve movement.

Justin explained that hairstyles that appear that are too "plastered" can lend themselves to an "older" look, whereas more flowing styles have connotations of "youth".

The expert acknowledged that women who have more stiff, structured hairstyles often do so because they are trying to get volume in their hair and the stiff styles feel like their only option.

"But just understand that it is important that you have some movement and flow to your hair because it's going to have a tendency to look a lot more youthful."

Justin told women that to create volume, they must towel dry their hair so it's damp, then apply their chosen hair product from roots to ends, combing it through or scrunching it for equal distribution. Experiment with loads of product at first, then tone it down next time if needed.

Ladies should then blow-dry their hair upside down, so it's not drying against the scalp.

Next, they should grab a round brush and lift the hair whilst blow-drying it. Don't comb it - let it cool into its voluminous shape.

To maintain volume throughout the day, women should ensure that they initially add more volume than they need.

The next ageing mistake women with grey hair make is not having layers cut in.

Justin explained that having one-length hair can look shapeless. It can also draw the eye down, "which makes people look more tired and less youthful".


Woman wearing her grey hair in a bun

Hairstyles that appear too 'plastered' can lend themselves to an 'older' look


The hair guru recommended an "edgy" cut to offset the "conservative" look of grey hair. In fact, a funky grey hair look can actually be a very interesting "dichotomy".

Justin said: "I think you'd be shocked at how striking that can come across and how you can actually wear more edge than you think you can wear."

A hair revamp isn't the only way women can take years off their age. A 55-year-old nutritional therapist revealed that swears by a daily product that helps her look "naturally young".

Another way women can take years off their look is by revamping their style. A fashion influencer for women over 40 told ladies which style of jeans they should "never" wear.

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