January is the 'ideal time' for a gardening job to prepare for a beautiful garden this year

January is the 'ideal time' for a gardening job to prepare for a beautiful garden this year

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 21/01/2024

- 10:00

An expert exclusively shared the gardening tasks to do now

The weather may be cold but Britons can still get a headstart on preparing their garden for the year.

An expert has shared some tasks to do outdoors before the month is up.

Head gardener at Raby Castle Tim Marshall spoke to GB News to explain it is a great time to prune dormant plants.

He said: "January is the ideal time to prune dormant trees, shrubs and roses.

Woman pruning trees

Gardeners should think of pruning now


"Remove any dead or crossing branches to improve airflow and shape the plant.

"Ensure you use clean, sharp tools and cut just above a bud or node."

This echoes advice from gardening expert Monty Don, who recommended starting "big" pruning tasks in January.

Tim shared a word of warning as freezing temperatures sweep across the UK.

Britons should be careful to protect their plants against the chill.

Tim said: "If you live in an area prone to frost or extreme cold, make sure tender plants are protected.

"Use frost covers, mulch or horticultural fleece to shield vulnerable plants from freezing temperatures."

Now is also the perfect time to check your gardening equipment and make sure you have everything you need to get back into the garden come spring.

Apple tree

Doing jobs in the garden now will prepare it for a good summer


The expert added: "Take some time to clean and maintain your gardening tools.

"Sharpen blades, oil moving parts and replace any worn-out or broken tools.

"This will ensure they are ready for use when the season starts."

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