How to revive hydrangea and 'prolong' flower's life with daily task that takes seconds

Hydrangea plants

Soaking your hydrangea once a day will prolong their vase life

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 26/02/2024

- 14:48

Gardners can enjoy their hydrangeas for several weeks by following a few simple steps

With spring around the corner, Hydrangea plants will soon dominate garden landscapes with their blowsy blooms and pastel colours.

They have become a favourite among gardeners due to their showy displays - but their needs can deceive even the most experienced greenskeepers.

Several environmental factors, namely lack of moisture and excessive heat, can cause the plant to wilt prematurely.

With the correct care, however, gardeners can enjoy the colourful blooms for weeks on end.

Hydrangeas outdoors

Hydrangea grow in a variety of shapes and colours


Steve Chilton, gardening expert at LeisureBench, shared several methods that will prolong the health span of the plant in a conversation with GB News.

He explained that cutting stems at an angle and frequently replacing vase water give flowers a boost after they are removed from their natural habitat.

When prepared correctly, hydrangeas can live up to two weeks in a vase.

“There are a couple of ways to prolong the life of a hydrangea once it’s in a vase on display,” noted Chilton.

Cutting the stem at an angle will also encourage greater water uptake and enable the absorption of vital nutrients, noted Chilton.

“I also recommend changing the water every couple of days,” adds Chilton. “This prevents bacteria build-up and infection and keeps the water nice and fresh which is the best option for the plant.”

For potted flowers, the care measures differ slightly.

“I recommend spraying the leaves with the mist as soon as you notice the leaves start to wilt or dry out, as this can be a quick way to revive them in the early stages,” noted Chilton.

Hydrangea stems

Hydrangea stems that are cut properly enjoy a longer vase life


He cautioned against feeding plants too much water, however, as they may quickly become waterlogged.

“In minor cases of wilting, you can simply give the hydrangeas a quick water which should revive it pretty quickly - in a couple of hours to a day.

“However, if your hydrangeas has been wilting for some time and is therefore severely dehydrated you might need to continually water the plant for a couple of days in order to bring it back to life.

“I recommend fully soaking it once a day, every day until the plant goes back to normal,” he explained, stressing that the plant should be in a pot that allows water to drain.

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