Kitchen scrap ‘loved by roses and violets’ helps plants produce copious amounts of flowers

Kitchen scrap ‘loved by roses and violets’ helps plants produce copious amounts of flowers

The Royal Horticultural Society shared gardening tips

Royal Horticultural Society
Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 22/02/2024

- 16:14

Egg shells are used across gardening communities to support strong plant growth

As communities nationwide embrace ecological gardening, one DIY hack is coming up trumps for its effectiveness.

Green-thumbed enthusiasts are turning to kitchen scraps as viable sources of vitamins and minerals for their gardens.

Moreover, using ingredients like eggshells to promote flowering has garnered approval from the Royal Horticultural Society.

Jane Dobbs, who manages the gardening team at Allan’s Gardeners, broke down the benefits of using the kitchen discard in a conversation with GB News.

eggshells in soil

Repurposing kitchen scraps in the garden could boost the health of plants


“Fertiliser can [...] be made from eggshells,” noted the gardener. “There’s a lot of calcium in eggshells, which plants need to grow strong roots and cells.”

Because the eggshells comprise 96 per cent calcium, they are considered a valuable source of nutrients for plants.

By slowly releasing nutrients into the soil, eggshells avoid the risk of over-fertilising plants.

They can be prepared in several different ways to benefit plants.

“Crush eggshells and sprinkle them around your plants or mix them into the soil,” noted Jane. “Alternatively, you can make a powder by bleeding the shells and storing them in a container.”

Gardeners can also place their eggshells directly into the ground so that soil absorbs their nutrients as they decompose.

Jane added: “Plants that love calcium, like roses and African violets, will benefit most from this hack. Monstera, philodendrons, and other plants in this family love calcium too.”

Georgina O’Grady, managing director at Evergreen Direct, echoed this advice.

She added that eggshells can provide good drainage to outdoor plants, helping preserve the nutritional profile of soil.

eggshells and flowers

Eggshells could provide flowers with a much-needed calcium boost


She told GB News: “Eggshells are rich in calcium and also work as a great drainage item to the soil, making them handy for the growth and cell structure of many plants.

“Crush eggshells and sprinkle them around the base of plants. Or you can even grind them to a fine powder to allow them to break down faster.”

As sustainable gardening trends gain momentum, the recycling of eggshells could prove both economically and environmentally advantageous.

Gardeners should bear in mind that eggshells alone, cannot provide all the nutrients a plant needs to thrive.

This comes as an expert said a "used" kitchen ingredient spurs rapid growth in plants.

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