'I'm a gardener - a little-known hack will have a massive effect on the flowering cycles of your orchids'

'I'm a gardener - a little-known hack will have a massive effect on the flowering cycles of your orchids'
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Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 28/02/2024

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Playing around with room temperatures could have a massive effect on the growth of orchids

Orchids are a rare flower with a unique ability to produce enigmatic blooms multiple times per year.

The plant has become widely admired in Western countries for its decorative allure, but its specific needs can easily bamboozle the inexperienced.

They prefer a habitat that is humid, relatively warm and well-lit, as this mimics the subtropical locales from which they originate.

Shane Dibbs, Director of Seed Barn, is confident the flowers can grow just as successfully in the UK with help from their owners.

potatoes in hands

Orchids can benefit from different types of kitchen ingredients


“Orchids can be difficult to encourage to bloom multiple times, especially if they’re being grown indoors," the expert told GB News.

“But an easy trick that can help enormously, make sure the temperature at night is lower than during the day.

“Lowering the temperature by 5 degrees Celsius [...] will encourage your plants into flowering.

“It may be as simple as moving the plant into a different room in the house, which could have a massive effect on their growth.”

The expert encourages gardeners to opt for a specific variety of orchids if they want to enjoy multiple bouts of blooms throughout the year.

“Moth Orchids are the easier and are available in a variety of colours and patterns, and are a great option for plant enthusiasts looking to grow own,” noted Dibbs.

He added that potatoes may be one of the best ingredients to feed the plants, providing a balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

“Chop or grate potatoes into small pieces, including the skin and boil for a few minutes. You can also add chopped fresh bananas and sugar whilst it’s boiling,” he said.

orchid flowers

Certain types of orchids can flower multiple times a year


“These will add even more important nutrients and will help bind the ingredients together. If you make too much or have potatoes left over, these can be stored in jars and used at a later date.”

Gardening expert James Mayfield recently told GB News that fertilising the plants in the coming weeks could also lead to longer-lasting blooms.

“From early spring through [autumn], when plants are actively growing, I apply a balanced orchid fertilizer monthly,” he said. “This nourishes them without risking burns from overfertilisation.

“With proper care and following these basic tips, your orchids will continue to brighten your home with their beautiful blooms for many years to come,” added Mayfield.

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