Drivers vow to boycott Asda over switch to cashless petrol stations - 'Don't lose your cash, use your cash!'

Drivers vow to boycott Asda over switch to cashless petrol stations - 'Don't lose your cash, use your cash!'

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Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 18/04/2024

- 11:06

Asda announced it would switch to cashless payment options at forecourts this year

Drivers have been left furious and are claiming to be boycotting Asda after a number of its petrol stations switched to only having cashless payment options.

Asda announced earlier this year that it was planning on switching to cashless systems with many forecourts already moving to card payments only, which has sparked the ire of motorists.

There are currently 82 Asda sites which have drive-thru payment kiosks at superstores with 68 sites still to make the switch.

Despite fury from drivers, Asda stated it hopes the change will allow users to fill up quickly and easily without needing to enter the store.

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Asda petrol station

Drivers have vowed to use other forecourts to use cash in response to the changes


In Darlington, drivers are deliberately boycotting Asda as the station turned cashless, saying they want the option to pay using other methods.

Posting on social media, one user said: “Come on Asda. Don't go with the status quo. You may lose custom because we choose to stand for freedom of choice. Not control.”

Someone else shared: “Asda petrol station goes cashless, the two booths used to employ two people. Now the only ones making money are Asda and the banks!!!! Don't lose your cash, use your cash.”

Another person remarked: “To be honest, I personally feel that people need to use cash as much as they can.

"If you go to the garage to get £60 fuel, take it out of bank machines to pay the cashier.”

In response to the cashless outrage, an Asda spokesperson explained: “As more than 90 per cent of all payments on our Superstore forecourts are made via card or a contactless device, the colleagues who worked on these sites are moving into the store so they can better serve our customers.

“These conversions began in December and we expect to complete the changeover later in 2024.”

Recent data found Asda to be the most expensive supermarket for fuel prices compared to Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.

RAC data found that Tesco had the cheapest unleaded as of March 31 with an average price of 142.7p across its 511 stations, while Asda had the most expensive at 145p.

Asda had roughly a 34p price difference between its cheapest and most expensive petrol with the grocer charging 138.7p at its Guildford station and 172.9p at Junction 29A of the M1 near Sheffield.

The supermarket was found to only be charging its lowest petrol price of 138.7p at one of its 658 stations.

Last year, Asda became the first supermarket to publish local fuel prices online allowing motorists to check the price of petrol or diesel before they go to fill up.


An Asda petrol station.

More than 90 per cent of transactions at Asda stores take place without cash changing hands


Simon Williams, a spokesperson for the RAC, reported how Asda was no longer the cheapest retailer, with Tesco having a larger spread of cheaper costs across the UK, not just at one or two forecourts.

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