Landlines to be switched in the UK within months - exactly when your area will be affected

BT man on landline phone

BT will switch traditional landlines across the UK

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 26/09/2023

- 11:00

Traditional landlines are no longer being offered by BT and it has started to switch old landlines across the country

Landlines have been used to connect phone calls but fewer people have used these in recent years.

BT has shared it will no longer offer landlines to most new customers.

Customers who still want a landline will be required to use new technology that connects phones through a broadband router.

Old copper landlines have become less reliable and they will all be switched in the UK by 2025.

BT sign

BT will start to switch landlines


BT has started the process of switching customers from PSTN to the new IP technology.

This process has begun with customers in Yorkshire and Northern Ireland being contacted by BT.

Those in the North West and London will be affected from autumn this year.

Homeowners in the West Midlands, the South East, Wales and East Anglia can expect the switch from spring next year.

The North East, Scotland and the South West will start the move from summer 2024.

Customers will be switched to the new technology when their traditional landline is turned off.

They will be contacted in advance but can contact BT with any questions.

Homeowners will not need to pay extra for the new service if their current phone is compatible.

Man holding landline phone

New digital landlines have been introduced


Lots of households have replaced home phones with mobile phones as more technology enters properties.

However, a warning was recently shared as household items at home could be spying on homeowners.

This includes security systems that include video cameras.

An expert shared the best alternative ways to protect your home from burglaries.

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