Man discovers a tiny hole in garden that homes a terrifying biting spider

Spiders in garden

A man found a small hole in his garden

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 25/09/2023

- 10:46

Updated: 25/09/2023

- 11:46

One man found a small hole in his garden that could be home to huge spiders

Spiders with painful bites in the UK are not common, but they could still appear in the home or garden.

A man shared a picture from his garden which was likely to house some terrifying spider species.

The picture showed a tiny hole that had appeared in the dirt in the garden.

Posting on Reddit, he asked: "Can someone tell me what lives in here? Doesn't look like trap door spider, they have a flap over the top."

Spiders in the UK

A trap door spider is a large spider that can bite.

However, these are not found in the UK and the social media user was convinced that is not what it was.

Some said it was the burrow of a trap door spider, which would be possible as the man was based in Australia.

Others were convinced it was a wolf spider, which can also appear in UK gardens.

​One Reddit user said: "Absolutely a lycosidae spider burrow (wolf spider)."

Another replied sharing their own terrifying story.

They wrote: "After Google searching wolf spider borrow, I think you are correct.

"I will never forget the time I tried to catch and release a large wolf spider under a container, only to find it was covered in hundreds of baby wolf spiders, who were small enough to escape in all directions."

Spider web in garden

Spiders are more likely to come inside in September and October


Wolf spiders can bite and - while not poisonous - it can be painful and most people will want to avoid coming into contact with the pest.

Spiders can often find their way into the home, especially during spider season.

In the UK, this runs from September to October with spiders more likely to invade homes during this time.

Luckily, experts have shared how to stop giant spiders from storming your home with an "effective yet cheap" trick.

Another expert shared more "important" tips to keep spiders out of the home during mating season.

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