Aldi relaunches £4 fan favourite just in time for Easter and customers can expect a 'triumphant comeback'

Aldi / Easter Kevin

An Aldi favourite is set to make a 'triumphant comeback'

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 05/03/2024

- 08:00

Updated: 10/03/2024

- 21:50

Britons in search of a non-chocolate Easter treat, look no further

Aldi has announced the revival of a popular toy - with an added Easter twist. Easter Kevin (a spin-off from the beloved Kevin the Carrot) will be available from March 14 for a limited time only.

The supermarket told customers: "The nation’s favourite root vegetable is set to return to Aldi’s middle aisle this spring - complete with a new seasonal look that every-bunny will enjoy." Easter Kevin will be priced at £3.99.

Parents and grandparents looking to pick up an Easter treat for their little ones might want to head to Aldi in mid-March.

The supermarket said: "Making his triumphant comeback to shelves from March 14, Kevin’s loyal fans better act fast to get their hands on this cuddly edition." This year, Kevin will come with an Easter twist - the sweet addition of a bunny or lamb outfit.

Easter Kevins

'The nation’s favourite root vegetable is set to return to Aldi’s middle aisle this spring - complete with a new seasonal look'


But shoppers must act fast, as like all Specialbuys, "once they’re gone, they’re gone". Aldi said: "Specialbuys are unique and exciting products that you find at Aldi.

"From DIY, kitchenware, garden furniture to sports, camping and everything in between."

Aldi continued: "The perfect gift for kids and Kevin fanatics alike, Easter Kevin (£3.99) will be available in a choice of two new designs, each with their very own removable outfit.

"There’s a new Easter Bunny this year as Kevin dons a soft grey bunny suit, or, ideal for those that are baa-rmy for the carrot, pick up this cuddly plush in an adorable boucle-style lamb outfit."

Kevin the Carrot is an Aldi fan favourite and customers will likely recognise the plush toy from stores and the supermarket's Christmas adverts.

The famous carrot's official Twitter account reads: "Aldi ambassador, celebrity carrot and owner of the Christmas Factory!". The "celebrity carrot" boasts an impressive 18,000 followers on X.

Kevin has taken many forms over his life. In honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, Aldi launched two patriotic Kevins - the Flag Waving Kevin and Union Jack Kevin.

Fellow carrot - and Kevin's wife - Katie was also available to purchase, wearing a perfectly patriotic Union Jack dress, with a Queen’s Guard toy in tow.

Kevin the Carrot has also taken the form of Kevin the Carrot Jelly Sweets. These were not carrot-flavoured but orange, and they were suitable for vegans.

The supermarket is also launching Easter-themed Gonk, available from March 14. Aldi said: "Gonks are a hit for seasonal decorating and this Easter Aldi is adding the adorable characters to its latest range."


AldiEaster Kevin will join Aldi's 'unique' and 'exciting' SpecialbuysGETTY IMAGES

Aldi has been incredibly busy bringing back popular products in recent days and weeks. The supermarket restocked shelves with a best-selling homeware product - but shoppers "will need to be quick".

Customers can get their hands on two fragrant candles, in the scents Peony Blush and Night Orchid, both priced at £24.99.

Aldi will also bring back a best-selling - and award-winning - beverage in days. The supermarket said: "Back by popular demand, Aldi is returning its award-winning Zerozecco Rosé for just £2.99 (75cl).

"The return comes as more shoppers turn to low and no alternatives – with demand in the market continuing to grow."

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