BBC The Apprentice fans vow to 'boycott' show after Lord Sugar makes 'wrong decision' in brutal firing

BBC The Apprentice fans vow to 'boycott' show after Lord Sugar makes 'wrong decision' in brutal firing

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 29/02/2024

- 22:49

Updated: 29/02/2024

- 22:55

The teams had to launch a new Formula E brand, complete with a launch and advertisement

The Apprentice viewers have warned they will “boycott” the BBC programme following a shock firing in the latest episode.

The candidates were tasked by Lord Alan Sugar with launching a new Formula E team including a brand, event launch and sponsorship.

Paul Midha was project manager of one of the teams, and while Onyeka Nweze pleaded to be put in the corporate team due to her skills, she unfortunately slipped up during the pitch later, stumbling over her words and pausing.

However, Virdi Singh Mazaria also made mistakes when it came to branding, with feedback indicating the group lost money due to the lack of clarity in the brand and the bizarre logo.

Their team ended up losing, with a difference of £28million between them and their rival group. In the dreaded boardroom, Midha decided to bring back both Nweze and Singh Mazaria.

“The sponsors didn’t invest into the idea, the branding lays on the branding team, and Virdi was subteam leader,” Nweze pointed out as she fought for her place in the competition during the full-group boardroom meeting.

Onyeka Nweze

Some fans fumed about Onyeka's firing


When the trio later returned to be grilled by Sugar about where the failures of the task lay, the candidates pointed fingers at each other as usual.

Singh Mazaria argued he wasn’t given enough guidance for the branding, which confused many of the potential sponsors.

Nweze admitted she had “stumbled” during the pitch, but Midha pointed out the message hadn’t been provided to the audience due to the blunder.

Ultimately, the business magnate decided to fire Nweze, who seemed emotional as she took in the disappointing news.

“It is with regret that you’re fired,” Sugar, 76, decided. Nweze silently left the room, looking heartbroken.

Onyeka, Paul and Virdi

The trio returned to the boardroom to face Lord Sugar


Taking to social media, fans immediately blasted Sugar's choice to fire Nweze when Singh Mazaria had already endured a few near misses in the boardroom and had previously been saved by the skin of his teeth.

“Wrong decision on #TheApprentice this week. Yes Onyeka stumbled but not one other person was shown to explain the ethos well and Virdi seems to have more lives than a cat,” one viewer fumed.

“I’ve acc had enough, Vardi is acc such a idiot, this guy can’t do anything right and he has the easiest jobs to do every week yet he still f***s it up, fire him man #TheApprentice,” a second fumed.

Another shared: “Boycotting the apprentice over that firing f*** that old man and his money #TheApprentice.”

Virdi Singh Mazaria

Fans questioned why Virdi Singh Mazaria wasn't fired instead


“Can someone please explain to me in simple words, how in gods earth is Virdi still in? How, HOW SWAY!!!??? #TheApprentice,” a different viewer posted.

“How does virdi keep escaping #TheApprentice,” someone else asked. However, some did agree with Sugar’s decision.

One penned: “Onyeka got found out tonight. She begged to be chosen to pitch and said she had the expertise. But choked when millions were on the line. The right person was fired tonight. #TheApprentice.”

“#TheApprentice Onyeka was absolutely hopeless in that pitch. The brand and the approach was ghastly, but she waffled throughout that episode,” a second agreed. (sic)

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