Simon Reeve flooded with praise as fans laud 'astonishing' new series in world's most remote locations

Simon Reeve flooded with praise as fans laud 'astonishing' new series in world's most remote locations

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/01/2024

- 10:50

The documenary maker has taken on a challenge like no other

Simon Reeve has left BBC viewers reeling after the "amazing" first episode of the new exploration series, Wilderness.

Across four episodes, Reeve heads to four of the world's most remote locations, diving head-first into unknown territories.

On Sunday evening, the first episode of the series saw Reeve head to the Democratic Republic of Congo where he trawled through thick rainforests to come face to face with its inhabitants.

Along with local conservationist Adams Cassinga, Reeve discovered how local cultures gather to share resources and do their bit to keep their surroundings safe.

As well as Congo's rainforests, Reeve will also head to the Coral Triangle in the Pacific Ocean, Patagonia, and the Kalahri desert.

Following Sunday's premiere, several viewers took to social media to share their thoughts on Reeve's latest project and it's safe to say many were left in awe.

Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve headed to Congo for the first episode of Wilderness


One viewer said of the series on X, formerly Twitter: "My god Simon Reeve is made of the strong stuff. As are his crew #Simonreeve #Wilderness."

A second added: "Such an astonishing programme. @simon_reeve never fails to disappoint and his support team including @Amini16 deserve all the plaudits for giving us such thought provoking TV #Wilderness #SimonReeve."

Elsewhere, a third said: "Absolutely brilliant program tonight Simon, kudos to all working on it with you #simonreeve."

And a fourth echoed: "#SimonReeve makes such good TV travel shows. He's so natural with other people. Also, kudos to the BBC for finding him such a knowledgeable local guide. #Wilderness."

"Well, that was amazing! Thank you #SimonReeve and the team #Wilderness," a fifth weighed in.

Reeve also took to X as he praised Cassinga and reflected on episode one.

"It was such an honour spending time with Adams Cassinga @Amini16 on #Wilderness," Reeve penned. "He’s one of the most impressive and committed conservationists I’ve met anywhere on the planet." (sic)

Reeve will be back on screens next Sunday evening or all four episodes are available to stream online now.

Simon Reeve

Simon Reeve's Wilderness series has been praised


Before Sunday's premiere, Reeve spoke out about the series and what exactly he believes wilderness is as well as why he took on the project.

"I think everyone's got their own image and definition, or idea of what it is," he told the BBC.

"I would define a wilderness as a place where the impact of humanity is low, and where nature still makes the rules. The entire planet has felt the effects of humans and industrialisation, but the human impact is low in the areas we visit.

"Nowhere is completely untouched by humanity. There are plastic particles at the bottom of the ocean and the top of Everest, but we were looking for areas where nature was still largely in charge."

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