Brenda Blethyn sparks fan frenzy with four-word response to ITV Vera future probe

Brenda Blethyn sparks fan frenzy with four-word response to ITV Vera future probe

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 22/01/2024

- 09:37

Series 13 of Vera came to a close on Sunday evening

Brenda Blethyn has addressed the future of hit ITV drama Vera following Sunday evening's series 13 finale.

Titled Salt and Vinegar, the third film of the 13th run saw Vera go out with a bang as Blethyn's DCI Stanhope got to the bottom of the mystery surrounding a chip shop owner's death.

With just three feature-length episodes making up the 13th series, speculation has been rife about whether 77-year-old Blethyn would be back to film more seasons.

After all, prior to the latest run getting underway, Blethyn admitted she wanted to quit the role following Kenny Doughty's exit at DS Aiden Healy.

However, she was convinced to stay on-board after David Leon was confirmed to be returning as Joe Ashworth after a decade off-screen.

Leon himself had also fuelled speculation that Vera could end by saying it was all down to Blethyn - but now the Vera leading star has poured water on any doubts.

The Vera cast

The Vera cast will be back for another series according to Blethyn


On X, formerly Twitter, on Sunday evening, one concerned fan asked Blethyn directly if Vera would be ending after Salt and Vinegar.

"Why are lots here saying this is the last #Vera?? Have I missed something??" the concerned user asked.

Setting the record straight, Blethyn reposted the query alongside her four-word answer: "It’s not the last."

This was echoed by co-star Riley Jones, who plays DC Mark Edwards in the series, as he too shared a post about the future of Vera.

Also on X, Jones shared a snap behind the scenes with the caption: "Didn’t think you could get rid of us that easily did you?! #Vera. See you in 2025!"

Needless to say, the Vera fandom quickly flooded the posts with their excited reactions to the news.

Replying to Blethyn's announcement, one fan penned: "Music to my ears, loving having David Leon back- a great team. X."

A second added: "@ITV Oh thank goodness! Love Vera but we need many more episodes. Three isn't nearly enough. We need at least 12. And they need to bring back Aiden. Missing him this series."

Brenda Blethyn's Vera

Brenda Blethyn will be back as Vera Stanhope in 2025


"So pleased. Absolutely love the show," a third echoed while a fourth replied: "THANK YOU!!! Vera is hands down my favorite show! So glad for your confirmation - you’ve made my day."

Meanwhile, a fifth weighed in: "Great news! So love the character (and her actor!) and the writing. The Northumberland coast is incredible - look forward to more exploring there soon." (sic)

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