BBC Silent Witness fans blast ‘confusing’ series finale as they expose glaring 'plot holes' in last episode

BBC Silent Witness fans blast ‘confusing’ series finale as they expose glaring 'plot holes' in last episode

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 13/02/2024

- 22:41

Updated: 14/02/2024

- 08:26

A shock ending left viewers stunned as Silent Witness concluded its latest series

Silent Witness aired its final episode of series 27 on Tuesday, and while viewers were taken on a journey full of twists, they were left divided by the unexpected ending.

The instalment which wrapped up the series saw Dr Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) and Jack Hodgson (David Caves) finally unmasking the “King’s Cross serial killer”.

The episode was part two of a special in which the duo attempted to get to the bottom of a grisly mystery.

In part one, they were called to King’s Cross Station Museum where they discovered eight bodies entombed underground.

As they found out about a prolific serial killer who was operating in the capital 20 years prior, they were plunged into a new and shocking investigation.

The next instalment saw them chasing different leads as Alexander attempted to identify the remaining bodies while Hodgson helped the police to look into historic missing persons cases.

Jack and Nikki

Series 27 of Silent Witness concluded on Tuesday


Eventually, they were led to their killer and the episode concluded with the couple reflecting on their latest work, and Hodgson decided to celebrate by proposing to Alexander.

Fans were sent into a frenzy as Hodgson presented an evidence bag to Alexander which contained a ring in a box.

As Alexander opened the box and gasped, Hodgson smiled and commented: “I can’t imagine a day without you, I can’t. Will you marry me, Nikki?”

A speechless Alexander smiled and simply kissed Hodgson before answering: “Yes”.

Nikki Alexander

Silent Witness fans took to X to share their thoughts


While some applauded the series finale, others remained confused by plots they believed weren’t wrapped up, while some said it made “no sense”.

Taking to X, one penned: “A garbled final episode of Silent Witness, so many plot holes and bizarre bits. Only sensible bit was the proposal at the end. Next series, please! #silentwitness.”

“Anybody else totally confused by #SilentWitness ?? But I keep watching!” another asked.

A third wrote: “Sorry, that #silentwitness didn't make sense. If Carl hadn't told Keith that he'd happened to kill eight people in King's Cross, why would Keith have needed to bump off Russell??”

Jack and Nikki

The series ended with Jack proposing to Nikki


Another remarked: “Buying a wedding hat! That plot made no sense though. #SilentWitness.”

“Hang on #SilentWitness … what about the bloke in Russell’s house he was caring for (his dad)? Did he just evaporate? Is he dying of starvation in his bed?… bl**** awful plot gap,” (sic) a different viewer fumed.

Responding, another fan agreed: “I thought exactly the same! Guess we’ll never know.”

However, some were pleased with the ending, with one sharing: “What a fantastic series of #SilentWitness this has been. I've loved every series, but S27 has been my absolute favourite. Fab crime stories, great guest stars and of course amazing chemistry and big relationship development between Nikki and Jack. Big congrats to all involved.”

“#SilentWitness omg omg omg!!!!! What a series! As a jakki fan I’ve loved it, and a drama fan I’ve loved it!! It’s been amazing,” another enthused. (sic)

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