Liam Gallagher unleashes foul-mouthed rant amid calls for Oasis reunion as band up for Hall of Fame gong

Liam Gallagher unleashes foul-mouthed rant amid calls for Oasis reunion as band up for Hall of Fame gong

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 13/02/2024

- 21:35

Oasis fans were left confused after Gallagher acknowledged the nomination

Liam Gallagher didn’t hold back as he made his feelings regarding calls for an Oasis reunion abundantly clear.

The 51-year-old singer posted a series of comments on social media blasting his former Oasis star brother, Noel Gallagher while fans shared their hopes for the hit 90s band to reunite at a celebration as the band were placed in the running for an award.

Launching a rant in response to Saturday’s announcement that Oasis is one of the 15 nominees for the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame’s class of 2024, it was clear the musician was far from flattered.

“F*** the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, it's full of BUMBACLARTS,” he fumed on X.

He went on to suggest he wouldn’t bother turning up at the ceremony, due to take place later this year if the band was inducted.

However, he quickly predicted his brother, whom he has been in a long-term feud with, would attend.

Liam Gallager

Gallagher's rant came in response to the nomination


He penned: “The little fella loves hanging out with celebrities so he’d prob go; as for me I’m washing my hair and having a pedicure and a manicure.” (sic)

Some of his remarks came in response to a concerned fan, who had written: “Oasis fans, our favourite band is nominated and we are losing stratospherically because it’s mostly Americans voting.”

Gallagher replied: “Don’t waste your time… as much as it’s appreciated it’s all a load of b******.”

He also seemed to aim a slur at Mariah Carey after another shared: “Oasis deserves to be recognised for their impact and achievements.”

Liam Gallagher

Gallagher also took aim at his brother, Noel


Gallagher hit back: “Not as much as Mariah she smashed it.” While seemingly a compliment, the singer was likely being sarcastic due to his disdain of anything he doesn’t deem true to the genre.

However, when another of Gallagher’s X followers replied: “Oasis is still deserving of it though in my opinion,” the singer replied: “Of course”.

Another baffled fan asked: “Do you really not want Oasis to win? Like truly? I fully understand why you aren’t interested but we really really want this for you and Noel, Oasis deserves it like no other band.” (sic)

The songwriter answered: “I appreciate that you do but I honestly feel there’s something very fishy about those awards.”

Liam Gallagher

Gallagher insisted there was 'something fishy' about the awards


He later added: “It’s not even Rock n Roll,” before another person applauded him for “keeping rock n roll alive”.

In response, Gallagher continued his crude rant as he argued: “You know it I don’t need some w*** award by some geriatric in a cowboy hat.”

Some fans seemed to agree with Gallagher’s stance, with one writing: “Oasis doesn't need the Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame needs Oasis.”

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