Nigel Farage set for jungle bust-up with former boxer following fiery Twitter exchange last year

Nigel Farage set for jungle bust-up with former boxer following fiery Twitter exchange last year

GB News' Ben Leo reports from the Gold Coast on the new arrivals in camp

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Harvey Gough

By Harvey Gough

Published: 23/11/2023

- 10:35

Updated: 23/11/2023

- 11:34

Former heavyweight Tony Bellew previously tweeted Nigel, saying: 'It’s cos of people like you that racism still exists!'

Two new campmates in the I’m A Celeb jungle are set to ruffle some feathers, with one having a chequered history with GB News presenter and campmate Nigel Farage.

Tonight’s episode will see champion flat jockey, Frankie Dettori, and former heavyweight boxer Tony Bellew join the ten celebrities currently in camp.

Whilst many are excited to see the two sports stars enter the camp, Nigel can expect conflict with Bellew after a fiery Twitter exchange last year.

The clash began when Nigel shared a video in November 2022, discussing ONS figures suggesting London, Birmingham and Manchester were now classed as ‘minority white cities’.

Nigel Farage and Tony Bellew

Nigel's online history with former boxer Tony Bellew could mean trouble in camp


Nigel said: “There is a massive change in the identity of our country through immigration.”

In response Bellew tweeted: “Why does someone’s colour matter? Who cares if your white, black, yellow or pink? All that matters is are they good or no good people!

“Learn to see people for who they are and not what they look like! It’s cos of people like you that racism still exists! Absolute maniac you are!”

It seems a confrontation between Nigel and Tony could be very much on the cards, though it wouldn’t be Nigel’s first feud in the jungle.


Fred Siriex and Nigel FarageNigel had previously fallen out with TV presenter Fred Siriex over their differing views on Brexit ITV/SHUTTERSTOCK

Nigel has so far faced hard-hitting questions on his popularity among the British people from restaurant critic Grace Dent, and a falling out with TV’s Fred Siriex over his Brexit campaign.

Most recently, Nigel fell out with YouTuber Nella, as she said she had heard from ‘the internet’ hat he was ‘anti-immigrant’ and was widely hated by the black community, though vehemently Nigel disputed this.

As GB News' Ben Leo said: “It remains to be seen if Nigel's going to get a hat trick of confrontations about his stance on migrants. It's all still to play for with just over 2 weeks to go.”

Bellew and Dettori’s entrance will include a bumper bush tucker trial, titled ‘Scarena’, featuring the entire camp.

Farage and Nella Rose

Nigel and YouTuber Nella Rose previously disagreed over immigration


Ben spoke about what viewers could expect from this challenge: “So all the camp mates tonight are going to be involved in the Bush Tucker trial.

“Tony Bellew is going to be a captain of one team, Frankie Dettori captain of another. And then all the remaining other ten campmates are going to get involved.

“Nigel actually expressed his disappointment that he wasn't voted to do the previous night's. He was also exempt over medical grounds from last nights as well.

“I’m sure he'll be dead keen to get back involved again and try and get some of that precious airtime that he's been moaning about.”

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