Farage and Nella clash AGAIN as cultural appropriation row boils over after GB News star tries to make amends

Nigel Farage and Nella Rose

Nigel Farage and Nella Rose had another debate about cultural appropriation on Wednesday

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 29/11/2023

- 21:59

The pair attempted to clear the air during Wednesday's I'm A Celebrity

Nigel Farage and Nella Rose's difference in opinion took centre stage again during Wednesday's episode of I'm A Celebrity less than 24 hours after they clashed in a "cultural appropriation" debate.

In Tuesday's episode, Rose was left frustrated and upset when she felt Farage was "dismissive" of her concerns about cultural appropriation.

Farage had opened up to his campmates about not knowing what is and what is not acceptable to say in today's modern society after the camp joyfully pronounced water as "wata" in a camp song.

The GB News star also used the example of a Mexican-themed outfit in his argument to outline what would be deemed offensive or not.

Rose spent much of Tuesday's episode avoiding Farage in the camp and in Wednesday's instalment, Farage extended an olive branch.

Farage approached Rose in the camp and asked the YouTuber: “Have I upset you, Nella?”

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage approached Nella Rose to see if she was okay


“Yeah," Rose bluntly replied before Farage attempted to remedy the situation by asking: “Right, well tell me why.”

“I just feel like you were very dismissive about cultural appropriation yesterday," Rose explained.

“No, I was concerned about it," Farage replied but Rose wasn't convinced: “You kind of made a joke of it.

“It’s a song," Rose continued, referring to the "wata" debate that sparked the previous day's row.

WATCH NOW: Nigel Farage and Nella Rose clash in heated row over 'cultural appropriation'

But keen to get his point across, Farage quizzed Rose: “Do you think it’s okay in a song?”

“Of course," Rose insisted. "We’re in the jungle, making music out of boredom. How does that get you any sort of backlash?”

Delving further into her frustrations with Farage, she said: “It was the costume reference.

“It was what you said of like, ‘Oh, but if I was to dress up in a certain costume, then I’d get the backlash’, basically trying to imply that we can say and do whatever we like and not get backlash, but when you do it, you get backlash. That’s what I interpreted."

Nella Rose

Nella Rose and Farage couldn't agree on the matter


Rose's rant went on: “It’s cool. I don’t have an issue with you.

"Like I said to you a couple of days ago, you are always going to have your opinions and I’m always going to have my opinions and we can agree to disagree...

"But let’s just not be the best of buds, because clearly we’re just from two different sides of the world and you’ll never understand my issues and struggles.”

Farage later shared his thoughts in the Bush Telegraph: “I’m worried about being accused of cultural appropriation, not as she took it that I was dismissive of it as a concept completely...

"But we’ve had a chat about it and that’s fine," Farage said.

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