Nella Rose embroiled in I'm A Celeb 'sexism' row as she labels men 'treacherous beings' and mocks 'manly jobs'

Nella Rose embroiled in I'm A Celeb 'sexism' row as she labels men 'treacherous beings' and mocks 'manly jobs'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 30/11/2023

- 14:49

The I'm A Celebrity campmate has come under fire from a number of ITV viewers

Nella Rose has been accused of "sexism" by a number of I'm A Celeb fans following Wednesday's episode for her remarks about her male campmates and men in general.

Just days after sparking fury for her "I'm just a girl" comments, Rose managed to add fuel to the fire by saying she and her female campmates were now surrounded by "treacherous men".

She made the comments in Wednesday's episode after Jamie Lynn Spears quit the show, leaving just her, Danielle Harold, and Josie Gibson as the only female stars in the camp.

Grace Dent had also left the camp early - although broke her silence with a statement on Thursday explaining the decision.

One scene that appeared to have garnered the majority of the backlash was the dinner scene in Wednesday's instalment when Fred Siriex and Nick Pickard put together a meal of alpaca for their campmates.

Watching on with Harold and Gibson by her side, Rose began to sing: "And in the end, there were three girls..."

Nella Rose

Nella Rose wasn't happy with the washing up she had to do


"We're like Charlie's Angels gone wrong," Gibson joked before Rose mocked: "My sisters look around we are surrounded by men! Treacherous beings! We must stay alive!"

She continued to reel off her thoughts in the Bush Telegraph as she said: "The girls are outnumbered. Obviously, we are not complaining because we get to kick our feet up whilst the men do the manly things."

While using the term "manly" also sparked fury, Rose's reaction to having to do the washing up after the meal also got on the wrong side of viewers.

The complaints kept coming down at the creek as Gibson said to Rose and Tony Bellew: "There's so much washing up! This is all from one sitting! This was all from one bl**dy meal!"

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Unimpressed with the job she had in front of her, Rose faked that she was crying in the Bush Telegraph as she said: "The washing up that we had to do - it was really a lot!"

But while Rose was less than pleased with her chores, ITV viewers were less than impressed with her use of language - especially given she's previously collared the likes of Siriex and Farage in the jungle for their choice of words.

What followed was several complaints spilling onto X, formerly Twitter, including one viewer who fumed: "@imacelebrity kick #nellarose out for sexist comments. She'd be crying if we said women belong in the kitchen."

A second echoed: "Why's Nella Rose acting like she's living in 1912, the men don't have to do everything u know, ur just lazy #ImaCeleb #ImACelebrity."

Elsewhere, a third penned: "#nella #ImACeleb Why is is acceptable for Nella to sit back and let the men do the 'men' stuff."

Nella Rose in camp

Nella Rose rejoiced in the male campmates carrying out the "manly" jobs


While a fourth blasted: "#ImACelebrity #ImaCeleb Nella clearly doesn’t understand reverse sexism. If men said, 'let women do all the work and we just put our feet up' there would be outrage and uproar. Yet, it’s okay from perfect Princess Nella to say it. She’s embarrassing for my fellow generation."

Another critic weighed in: "Nella making another hating men comment but nothing will be said cuz it’s about hating men #ImACeleb."

And a sixth slammed: "Nella 'alpacas are really aggressive'. Coming from the girl who was nasty to people in the camp and now has more enemies! She’s moaned about Nigel, now who has been sexist about jobs in the camp? #imaceleb."

However, amid the furore were a number of viewers who jumped to Rose's defence, including one person who argued: "The fake outrage about nella’s comments about men that are obviously jokes … the obsession with picking on her out of boredom is real #imaceleb."

And a second pleaded: "You all clearly don’t know nella and her humour and it shows f**king leave the girl alone #ImACeleb." (sic)

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