Clarkson's Farm fans sent into meltdown as Jeremy drops 'important announcement' about show's future

Clarkson's Farm fans sent into meltdown as Jeremy drops 'important announcement' about show's future

WATCH NOW: Jeremy Clarkson confirms fourth season of Clarkson's Farm

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 30/11/2023

- 11:04

There's plenty more action from Diddly Squat on the way

Jeremy Clarkson has sent excitement levels sky-high among Clarkson's Farm fans thanks to an "important announcement" he shared on Thursday.

Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper and Lisa Hogan - who will all star in the upcoming third season soon - joined forces in the announcement video to confirm Amazon has greenlit a fourth season of Clarkson's Farm.

The announcement puts to bed any fears that Amazon would be cutting ties with Clarkson after his now-famous Meghan Markle column at the beginning of the year.

The team at Diddly Squat only wrapped filming on the third season last month but it looks like the cameras aren't going anywhere.

News of Clarkson's Farm's bright future also comes on the day it was confirmed Clarkson would be leaving The Grand Tour alongside Richard Hammond and James May.

Confirming news of the renewal, Clarkson appeared in a new video from Diddly Squat to reveal: "I have an important announcement to make...

jeremy clarkson leans on a tractor in a promotional shot for his Clarksons Farm series on Prime Video

Jeremy Clarkson will be back for seasons three AND four of Clarkson's Farm


"And I'm going to make it in a very clever way," Clarkson added but it soon became clear Cooper didn't think it was as shrewd a move as the ex-Top Gear star thought.

"What are you doing?!" Cooper shouts at the presenter-turned-farm who replies: "I'll go round these sheep up."

Delving further into his idea while Hogan chuckles on, Clarkson reveals: "I want to get them in a shape!"

"Jeremy, this is a bit advanced for this dog - it won't even sit!" Hogan yells as she and Cooper try to discourage Clarkson from the complex and elaborate idea.

But undeterred, Clarkson soldiers on with the help of Cooper as they spread sheep food in order to try and position the sheep in a formation that from above resembles the Roman numeral for the number four.

In classic Clarkson fashion and much to Cooper's amusement, it soon transpires they're positioned in the Roman numeral for six.

"Why does everything go wrong?!" Clarkson shouts as the announcement video draws to a close.

While Clarkson's plans didn't work out as well as he'd hoped, fans didn't seem to care as they took the comments section of the clip on Instagram to express their joy at the news.

Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy Clarkson

Kaleb Cooper will join Clarkson for the fourth season


"Possibly the best show on TV at the moment," one fan replied. "Not the same budget as game of thrones but I suspect Clarkson’s fee makes it a close-run thing. But that’s OK with me."

A second excitably added: "Two more seasons to watch," followed by a series of love heart emojis.

While a third weighed in: "Nice. They have gotten over the bs so we get more seasons." (sic)

GB News contacted Amazon following the announcement who confirmed season three would air next year while the fourth run will enter production soon.

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