Grace Dent breaks silence after I'm A Celeb exit with emotional statement: 'Didn't go out as planned!'

Grace Dent on I'm A Celebrity

Grace Dent left I'm A Celeb early on 'medical grounds'

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 30/11/2023

- 12:51

The MasterChef star left I'm A Celeb on "medical grounds" earlier this week

Grace Dent has taken to Instagram to share a lengthy statement addressing her premature exit from I'm A Celebrity.

The restaurant critic and MasterChef contributor withdrew ahead of the first round of eliminations and her campmates were confirmed it was on "medical grounds".

Her exit was a tough one to take for her campmates who all expressed how much they'd miss her in the camp on the ITV show.

Dent's decision to address her exit also comes just one day after her fellow campmate Jamie Lynn Spears decided to quit the show, again on "medical grounds".

In a lengthy message to her fans, Dent penned: "Dear friends. Thank you for the outpouring of love I’ve received since I was removed on Monday. I am overwhelmingly sad right now, but determined to keep alive in my heart the huge personal breakthroughs I made over the weeks.

"I spent 15 days without a phone or any contact with loved ones, living much of the time outdoors in a rain forest in very wet weather.

Grace Dent

Grace Dent shared a snap with her enjoying pastries alongside her message


"It gave me a short, sharp glimpse into the pain some folk worldwide endure. Normal life, forever, will always feel beautiful.

"Until now, I had no idea I could find a mental space where I could calmly climb down the side of a sky scraper and then slide out on a pole, unlocking stars,as the cars below on the street felt the size of ants.

"I had no idea it was possible to be shown an American football helmet and be informed I was shortly to be locked in at the neck and filled to the eyebrows with cockroaches, and for me to think ‘OK this is doable, the trick is to breathe’."

Referring to an incident which led to the I'm A Celeb medics stepping in, Dent went on: "For as long as I live, I shall never forget the cockroach that entered my ear canal and the sound of its little feet creeping closer down to my brain.

"It took us two goes to lure him out. Sat on the grass behind the ‘Scarena’ he finally washed up."

Reflecting on the experience as a whole, Dent mused: "The jungle showed me how quickly I could become blasé about sleeping with hungry rats, noisy toads, moths and Huntsman spiders. It taught me that when you have to sleep close to the enemy the trick is to stay calm, have empathy and that screaming achieves nothing but wasted calories.

"The jungle showed me that I am physically stronger than I thought; I can carry a lot of logs and water up hill, build fire and eat hare innards at dawn for breakfast.

"I hope I gave you all a smile. I didn’t go out as I planned or I wanted, but I did what I could, and I did it in a siren red gel manicure without chipping a nail.

"I didn’t cry when I took off my bra to find a family of mealworms living in the right cup. At some level, this *must* be an achievement."

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And looking towards the future, Dent concluded: "My plan is to recover…and when the adrenaline finally ebbs away, to make some serious plans for dinner. Three courses, extra potatoes, definitely pudding. I think I deserve it.

"I love you all and miss my jungle crew. Miss Grace Dent xxx," she signed off.

A number of Dent's followers reacted to the post - including several famous faces who showed their support.

Former Queen of the Jungle Scarlett Moffatt replied: "You did amazing grace. We love you xxxxxx."

While Catherine Tyldesley weighed in: "Oh love! WHAT can achievement!!! I lose my s**t if a wasp flies into the house! You’re an absolute hero! Xx."

And former Strictly star Amanda Abbington - who quit the BBC staple early - also remarked: "You were fabulous! You are fabulous! Well done! xxxx." (sic)

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