MasterChef fans furious as ‘best there was’ contestant booted from competition: ‘Seriously!’

MasterChef fans furious as ‘best there was’ contestant booted from competition: ‘Seriously!’

Gregg Wallace fell in love with farmer Louise's dish

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 19/04/2024

- 21:45

The quarter-finalists were back in the kitchen battling it out for a space in the semi-finals

MasterChef viewers were left furious with John Torode and Gregg Wallace during this week's quarter-finals after they sent home Lulu despite the cook impressing fans at home.

During tonight’s episode, the most talented cooks from this week's episodes returned for a place in the semi-finals.

Esteemed food writer Leyla Kazim was the guest of honour and formed an inspiring brief for the six contenders.

The chefs were asked to deliver a dish that would “nourish and restore” if they were to make it for someone who wasn't well.

They had just 90 minutes to make the judges finish with a spring in their step and make them feel brand new.

Alongside this, a Knockout Week incentive was given, but only three were given another chance by Torode and Wallace.


Fans were left gutted that Lulu was booted from the competition


Lulu decide to make a traditional East African beef stew, Sirloin steak in tomatoes, aubergine and okra, cocounut spinach, sambharo, a spice carrot, papaya and scot bonnet relish, served with ugali, a stuff cornmeal porridge.

Despite putting in her best efforts, Lulu was left upset with her performance after Torode noted that her stew had too much garlic in it, Kazim claimed the beef was too hard, with Wallace agreeing.

Unfortunately for Lulu, she was eliminated from the competition, with Tom, Abi and Dinta all making it through to Knockout week.

Speaking about her time on the show, Lulu expressed: “My MasterChef experience has been incredible, it was just like a dream come true!”


Lulu's dish didn't make the cut and was slammed but the judges


However, viewers were left annoyed with the judges decision and took to their X account to discuss their annoyance.

One stated: “Seriously? You let Lulu go????? Rather hers than dry fish and chips #Masterchef.”

“Nooooo! Not Lulu! #MasterChef,” another fumed before a third added: “Fish and chips over everything else?!? #MasterChef.”

“Predictable #MasterChef,” one simply penned before a fifth said: “Not Lulu! She was my absolute fav and such a gem! Really thought she was going to go all the way, best there was.”

Gregg Wallace and John Torode

Viewers were left furious at the result


Not everyone was as upset that Lulu was booted, as one stated: “The correct three went through on #MasterChef but if Lulu had got that beef right they’d have found room for four.”

Six more cooks enter the kitchen next week and all compete for the right to wear a MasterChef apron and leave Torode and Wallace stunned.

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